The Connection between Chakras and Mindset Energy

What is Mindset Energy

You’ve probably heard all about your chakras, and you’ve read about how to tune them up and bring them back into balance, but did you know that your chakras hold the key to your mindset?

That’s right! You have one chakra that is dominant. Think of it as a guiding light to your mindset energy.

Yes, all your chakras have to be aligned and flowing well for your life to run smoothly, but there’s one energy center that’s going to lead you to that smoother life.

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Some Chakra Basics

So just to recap some chakra basics. Your heart chakra is the bridge between the upper chakras or spiritual world and the lower chakras or physical world. The throat chakra is where you express the fullness of who you are and the things that matter to you.

As a whole your chakras act as invisible rechargeable batteries, being charged from the energy in the atmosphere. You could call this your inner power line. This energy needs to flow well. When it does life feels balanced. If it doesn’t then you feel discomfort such as stress, emotional or physical problems. This is why I call it your mindset energy.



So here’s the thing. When you feel you can be true to you, that’s expressing your needs clearly without fear of rejection, listening well to others, sharing your opinions, feeling heard, being known for tact and honesty then life feels on track. Your energy is flowing well.

On the other hand if you feel the need to hide parts of yourself or diminish yourself to fit in then that’s another story.

The lower chakras are where we look to our sense of belonging, our emotions, our thoughts about ourselves, our sense of achievement and self compassion. So when we see how our dominant chakra starts the ball rolling we see where mindset triggers begin.

And I know it’s not that simple because life is a journey and our story develops over life’s ups and downs but tapping into your dominant chakra helps keep you on track.


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