Dimensional Method

The Dimensional Healing Method

The Dimensional energy healing method is a culmination of my years of research, study and training in energy healing.

This method

  • uses the chakra system to assess life themes
  • combines various healing modalities into one balance process – Dimensional ReSet
  • uses a kiniesiology technique for ongoing self alignment – ReSet YourSelf
  • teaches how to talk to your higher self, get clear on your goals, release stress and stay true to your path
  • tunes into intuition, values, purpose, intention

ReSet – Dimensional Balance

Dimensional energy healing is unique in that you can directly re-pattern the energy blockages in the cells that are creating emotional, physical or soul imbalances and help you to reach your full potential.

Through this balance process we will work with all 12 parts of the being to eliminate any limiting beliefs, fears or stresses and embed new programs using kiniesiology and affirmations.

When you are in energetic alignment you’re in tune with yourself, your intuitive wisdom and purpose in life. Work has meaning, relationships are harmonious, life flows smoothly. We call this “flow”.

The opposite of flow is stress which is a state of resistance. We’ve all experienced resistance when your mind is filled with self doubt, overthinking or repetitive thoughts and you can’t get motivated to do your own thing.

When you find your flow, stress disappears, your body heals, you feel more positive and motivated. You can work through life challenges with meaning and purpose.

The dimensional energy healing method combines energy healing modalities, kiniesiology and spiritual concepts with the purpose of getting closer to your divine self.


ReSet – Dimensional Self Healing

In my experience clients make lasting changes in their life when they can learn and implement simple, effective habits that they can easily be consistent with over time.

This is why I teach just one technique, one healing method, that allows you to shift from your overthinking mind to your body for the answers you need.

In the self study course ReSet YourSelf you learn the simple energy technique (SET) and how to use it to talk to your higher self, get clear on your goals, release stress and stay true to your path.

You’ll learn about the 7 main chakras, the life themes they relate to and how to use them to read your life experiences. We also add in your self care tools such as meditation so that you have an energy tool box that fits you. Then we’ll add some extras to help you go deeper into clearing past heaviness.

Then we’ll switch it around so you go forward in self alignment, living with intention.


Dimensional Self Alignment

In my experience healing and alignment work in tandem. Healing doesn’t finish when you’ve released the emotions and reactions that were keeping you feeling stuck or lost in past situations.

Nor do you need to keep healing the past, particularly if life has been pretty good until a recent derailment.

For many you just need to start by getting clear on who you are and your own goals, then clear away any old issues that pop up to block your way forward. In this way you release old problems when they are triggered and collect all their debris in a big swoop.

Or if you’ve done a life clearing, alignment clears up the residue that rises after the heavy stuff has been cleared away.

Alignment is about moving forward in life. Deciding what is important to you and setting intentions then taking action one step at a time can be daunting. Old self doubts can creep in, distractions occur, life can just happen.


Self Alignment begins when your Vision, Actions, Thoughts, Emotions are in Sync

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