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Do you want to feel like this?

  • Experience more time to do the things you want, as you learn to restore your energy
  • Move away from constant planning, worry about the past and future, and overwhelming commitments
  • Stay grounded when plans change last minute as you release uncertainty and worry about the details
  • Enjoy more of your life, as you discover satisfaction in your day to day routine
  • Make chakras a regular part of your inner awareness, something you turn to for insight  in life and work
  • Make meditation a regular part of your soul time, something that you look forward to each day

​Then let’s start with your energy system and beliefs!

My Chakra & Mindset courses teach tools to transform your mindset for success and focus on your goals for a better life – self aligned


woman sitting at the water at sunset meditating

So what EXACTLY is self alignment?

Because it’s certainly not sitting around meditating all day!

Self Alignment is two parts.

Firstly its connecting with yourself to know what you want, what your values are, your dreams, priorities and goals?

And secondly it is aligning your actions, thoughts and emotions with what really matters to you.

Balance is literally how well your reality fits with the honesty of your emotions around those two parts.

When that fit feels right we feel whole, connected, happy and at ease, balanced.

And when it isn’t right we feel disconnected, unhappy, uncomfortable, off kilter or stressed.

This doesn’t mean that an balanced life is a perfect life – but it is a purposeful life.

It’s about letting go of things that no longer serve you (even when it goes against convention) and pursuing things that serve the best version of yourself.

There is still flexibility and compromise but when you live with intention you know what you’re compromising on and why. It’s about knowing what you can and can’t control and taking responsibility for your life and happiness.

Are you ready to reset yourself?


So how can self alignment help you?

Much of the stress and difficulty we encounter in our lives is due to NOT being in alignment with yourself. We get lost in what we think we should do, looking externally for validation of our worth. That’s where mindset problems come in.


Chakra healing removes all that. When we peel off the layers from the past and really get to know ourself, our values, what matters most to us we have a new set point for our yeses and nos, where there’s wriggle room and the deal breakers. And that’s balanced living.


“Healing is the process of learning how to care for who you are now so you can navigate through all the ups and downs of life.”


  • Imagine working on a deadline at work and just focusing on the moment in front of you, not worrying about whether other people are getting their part done or not. You could actually enjoy the work and the challenge.
  • Imagine leaving work and switching your mind straight to your plans for the evening. No carrying worry and overthinking with you. Just enjoying your time to spend on yourself, your hobbies and your connections to loved ones.

While the concept is simple, in reality, living with balance is often easier said than done.  It’s taken me the combination of years and various workshops and modalities (not just chakra healing) to shake off my past thinking and emotions to get to the state of feeling good that I’m now at.


And that’s why in my Chakra & Mindset courses I teach one simple energy technique to make that journey quicker and simpler for you to:

  • talk to your higher self
  • get clear on your goals
  • release stress
  • stay true to your path.

Need this in your life? Work with me to transform your mindset!