Chakra Readings Healings and Crystal Jewelry for Chakra Balancing

Handmade and reiki infused for your intentions by myself in my home studio rural Qld

Chakra Readings, Chakra Stones and Crystal Jewelry for Chakra Balancing

Currently I Only Post Within Australia and order processing is approx 3 days. We use secure payment gateways such as paypal or you can request an invoice for direct debit


Chakra Healings, Chakra Stones and Crystal Jewelry for Chakra Balancing

Chakra Readings & Healings

Chakra Readings and Healings are done remotely. I read your energy, do the healing, balance your chakras, and offer suggestions or activities that help move you forward. This is done by distant healing with a follow up email to give you results and suggestions

Chakra Stones and Jewelry

Sets of 7 or 12 chakra stones to use for meditation and pocket carrying. Coloured Jewelry using gemstone crystals. This includes earrings, adjustable stacking bracelets and necklaces

Crystal Jewelry

Individually combining the colour + metaphysical meaning of crystal gemstones in jewelry pieces to focus on particular aspects such as self love, creativity, expressing yourself, balance and personal power.

Once completed each chakra crystal jewelry piece is then cleansed and infused with reiki energy. A unique gift or wear with any favourite outfit.


Wearing Instructions for Crystal Necklace –

  • Wear 24/7 at your own discretion
  • Chemicals + perfumes will affect the life of the necklace
  • Metaphysically when crystal jewelry breaks or you can’t bear to wear it your energy system no longer needs that energy. You can then repurpose the crystals as a door hanger/mobile in pot plant
  • Made with quality fittings
  • Treat like all costume jewelry – use any perfumes, sprays etc before putting on jewelry
  • Not recommended to wear in spa, beach etc


Terms & Conditions

Please note we do not offer refunds for workshop tickets if you cannot attend or forget to attend. Please add the workshop dates and times to your preferred calendar after purchase. If you need to cancel due to illness or emergency please let us know before the workshop.