Colour Yellow Brings in the Light

Colour Influence is the first in a series where we look at colour in our life. Next we took a basic look at chakras.

Over the next few posts we’ll look at the 7 chakra coloursas well as white and black. Each chakra colour has influence on a physical, emotional and mental level. We’ll also see how the colour is reflected in our clothes and décor. The previous post in this series is Be expressive with the Colour Orange.

Today we’re looking at the Colour YELLOW    

The solar plexus is in the upper abdomen in the stomach area. It’s colour is YELLOW. Here lies our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives.

The colour Yellow allows us to be peaceful and centred!

  • Physically –  It stimulates the nerves. If this chakra is healthy and balanced you will be seen as being in control, and have harmony and position. With a negative or unbalanced chakra you are likely to have a nervous disorder or lack energy in general.
  • Emotionally – A positive chakra will reflect you as powerful and a achiever, also warm hearted and centred. The opposite is lack of power or insecure
  • Mentally –  It’s related to our ability to grasp things on a mental level. With too little yellow here we can be confused or frustrated.

The colour Yellow allows us to be peaceful and centred!

Visualization and Meditation with YELLOW

Use the colour Yellow in meditation visualisation techniques where you let Yellow wash over and around you.  Leaving you feel glorious and joyful.

Psychological Effects of the colour YELLOW in Clothes

Yellow is often worn by people in position of authority and control. The colour yellow encourages open mindedness and attention to detail. Generates positive qualities in the wearer.

Wear Yellow to bring in the light!

The Colour YELLOW in Décor

Yellow  is excellent for kitchens, particularly to bring in light. It can be overpowering so use it with other colours such as violet or other accents. Pale yellow is suitable for walls.

Yellow promotes cheerful positive feelings!Yellow promotes cheerful positive feelings!

Conclusion – the colour YELLOW is bright, spacious and positive.

Join me next time we have a look at Green

So tell me – How does Yellow feel? Like me do you feel it’s a perfect kitchen colour?

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