Colour Blue allows you to communicate well

Colour Influence is the first in a series where we look at colour in our life. Next we took a basic look at chakras.

Over the next few posts we’ll look at the 7 chakra colours as well as white and black. Each chakra colour has influence on a physical, emotional and mental level. We’ll also see how the colour is reflected in our clothes and décor. The last in this series was Green

Today we’re looking at the Colour BLUE     

The  Throat chakra is in the throat at the base of the neck. It’s colour is BLUE and helps us communicate well.

Our ability to communicate comes through our throat.
  • Physically –  Blue has a calming, relaxing effect. It regulates your ability to express yourself verbally.
  • Emotionally – A singer or public speaker will have a very expanded chakra. A negative response would show that you find it difficult to express yourself. This would result in you being withdrawn and subdued.
  • Mentally – In a positive way you would take the time to reflect and  meditate on life. On a negative point you would have difficulty in motivating yourself or putting plans into practice.

The colour Blue allows you to communicate well!

Visualization and Meditation with BLUE

Use the colour Blue in meditation visualisation techniques where you let Blue wash over and around you. It encourages reassurance, tranquility, honesty and contentment.

Psychological Effects of the colour BLUE in Clothes

Wearing Blue suggests spirituality and order. It is a non-threatening colour. It reflects a wish for peace and quiet. The wearer probably values loyalty and honesty. This is often a uniform colour for police and schools.

colour blue for order Wear Blue for acceptance and order!

The colour BLUE in Décor

Blue is a colour suited to areas where there is little activity. Wherever you want to rest, relax or want peace. Bathrooms, offices, meditation room, treatment rooms, bedrooms.

colour blue is cool and relaxingIn general light Blues expand space, so use them to open up a confined room. Darker blues can lead to laziness and possible melancholy.

Blue expands space, is cool and relaxing!

Conclusion – the colour BLUE is cool, relaxing, non-threatening.

Join me next time we have a look at Indigo

So tell me – How does Blue feel? Do you wear it as a uniform? Do you have too much relaxation, need to balance it with some action?

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