How to Start Using Chakras for Business: Your Questions Answered!

chakras for business

Wondering how to Start using Chakras for business energy?

You’re not the only one. Every week I get questions from solopreneurs who are so ready to tap into their energy profile and routine – but are a bit lost when it comes to exactly how.

I’ve been supporting creating thinking women with chakra energy for over ten years now. And many of my students and clients come to me when they are just getting started with chakras.

So, I’ve gotten reasonably good at answering all the Chakras for beginners questions.

This post is a roundup of the common questions I hear before anyone even thinks of getting started – and my straight forward, simple answers. 

Well here you go…

Here are the FAQs I’m answering in this post

  • Are chakras just for grounding and protection? What if I need something different?
  • How do chakras work to attract goals?
  • When I’m a Chakra Energy Beginner… Does a business have chakras?
  • What causes chakra imbalances in the business?
  • What beliefs do I scan for – when I’m balancing my Chakras for business energy

Okay, let’s dive right in, starting with…

Are chakras just for grounding and protection? What if I need something different?

No! Definitely not just for grounding and protection.

But whenever working with the chakras for business it’s best to ensure that the root chakra is grounded and secure first. That way you know you have a good foundation for whatever else is happening.

Energy flowing well in the first chakra helps us feel more relaxed, calm, grounded and secure. It can help us feel that we truly belong and we have everything we need to sustain physical life.

We can compare your root chakra to the foundations and structure of your business. For your business that starts with a secure safe place or building it operates from and the financial and legal systems in place to do business.

How do chakras work to attract goals?

At its core chakras are an energy system. More specifically they feed energy information towards you from your environment and discard the energy you have processed. Everything is energy. This includes thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions.

So, when we’re talking about attracting goals if your thoughts, beliefs and emotions which together we’ll call mindset is limited in some way then you don’t have clear access to what you want to take action with.

So if you really want to create a business but you worry you don’t know enough or what to charge or what a past coworker will think about you or a million other things, then these are mindset blocks that are stifling your business energy.

When I’m a Chakra Energy Beginner… Does a business have chakras too?

Yes, most definitely. Everything is energy. Everything you create has energy. When you create a business, a home, a baby they all have chakra energy just like you do. They are all influenced by mindset whether its your own or from others.

So when we talk about business energy or business chakras we’re talking about different areas of the business such as its home or beginnings, branding, marketing, customer systems, message communication and more.

Your own mindset is implanted during the conception and delivery of the business. From there it continues to develop its own mindset, influenced by yourself, customers, suppliers, in fact everyone your business interacts with. The energy of the business can be blocked or imbalanced by various factors.


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What causes chakra imbalances within the business? What signs do I look for? What do I do about it?

There are many things that can block energy in a business. It can be

  • a gap in the setup of a system.
  • Energy brought in from other business
  • Energy brought in from personal relationships
  • Beliefs and opinions not relevant to the business

There are many interactions in the day to day running of a creative business that may be challenging. When looking for blocks in business energy start with the things that are persistently challenging or frustrating.

  • Lack of customers or new enquiries
  • How promptly customers pay their invoices
  • Comparison between money coming in and money going out

Identifying the issue and its cause is the first step. From there it will be more obvious what action needs to be taken, what processes need to be implemented or adjusted. There will also be various mindset shifts for yourself and the business.

What beliefs do I scan for – when looking at my Chakras for business profile?

When you look at (or clean up) your Chakra profile you’ll want to start with

  • Negative beliefs
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Empowering beliefs

Remember: This could also mean that what you have been led to believe about yourself as a weakness may actually be one of your greatest strengths. Just saying…

In my own case I’ve always been considered as being too sensitive, got to harden up, not take things so personally. But I’ve come to realise this being sensitive thing means that I look for the deeper meanings, seeking purpose in what happens. I’m also loyal and responsible. So I’ve learnt to step back a bit and take those sensitive signals to mean that there’s more there that I need to learn about. And those people who call me sensitive, I’ve learnt that its mostly because of their own insensitivity to others.


Is there a step-by-step process to follow – to look at my own Chakra profile?

If you’re a sensitive or creative thinking woman a great place to start is my Free Guide 7 Chakra Steps for a Better Mindset


You’ll learn:

How to tell if your chakras are off balance

Learn how each of your energy centers affect the way you express yourself to the world

How each chakra is connected to mindset

Learn how each chakra is reflected in life through mindset challenges

Specific and simple ways to create big shifts

Learn how to balance each chakra while doing everyday activities.



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