Bird Messages for You

Bird messages can brighten your day immensely. Tune into your intuition and choose the bird which has a message for you today.

Bird Messages for You

Bird Messages A

Bird Messages Making a Choice –

You’ve come to that point where it’s time to make a choice. You can continue along your current path Or you can take the opportunity to explore a different path.

You are being given the gift of time and space to step away from the past and contemplate your future. What is it you dream of doing?

Bird Messages B

A Bird Messages

Come Together –

What plans of love are coming together right now. When you partner with someone special glorious dreams are born. When two people know themselves as well as they do each other they bring the best of themselves to the whole bring balance to their union. If your partnership has been distracted by the external world then now is the time to focus on each other and reunite the flame that sealed you together

Bird Messages C

Bird Messages

Magic Stream –

As you travel the flow of life magical opportunities present themselves. Be aware of the changes in your surroundings as they present a fresh perspective for you to bounce off from. Don’t let fear hinder your journey. Make your choices a simple Yes or No and follow the magic


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