Why You Should Tap into Your Energy Type

As women we often grow up learning to adapt ourselves to fit in with others. We become roles that continually have us reinventing ourselves.

Instead delve into who you are at your core. There are 4 Temperaments described as the introvert observer (watch), introvert organiser (think), extravert talker (express), and extravert doer (act) which are your instinctive response in any situation. It is the basis of your natural energy type.

Why You Should Tap into Your Energy Type

When you understand your own temperament and how you work best you can use it to improve both your personal and business life.

what's your energy type

Type 1 is a talker, influencer, social, spontaneous, scattered, bouncy, joyful, optimistic. She is the element of air and operates from her heart chakra.

Can be seen as flighty, scattered, ungrounded, show off she needs to tap into other traits to be grounded calm, focused and organised

As a customer she may have trouble following through. But if she loves your work she’ll tell everyone she knows

Type 2 is observant, listener, thoughtful, friendly, sensitive, loyal, attentive to details, can’t be rushed. She flows from her sacral chakra like the element of water.

Can be seen as too sensitive, a people pleaser, slow worker, stubborn she needs to tap into other traits to be more decisive, efficient, and social.

As a customer she likes to research and assess her needs. She’ll take awhile, watch how you work and when she’s ready she’ll commit wholeheartedly

Type 3 is persuasive, determined, direct, solver, busy, passionate, enthusiastic, gets things done. This lady if all fire. She operates from her solar plexus.

Can be seen as loud, demanding, pushy she needs to tap into other traits to soften her impact, listen to others and help action the ideas of others.

As a customer she is decisive, knows what she wants and how to get it.

Type 4 is conscientious, organised, careful, analyses, methodical, efficient, exact, straightforward. This lady is connected to the earth element and her base chakra.

She can be seen as bossy, critical, a know it all, can be rigid, but if she taps into her other traits she can express good leadership skills.

As a customer she takes a long time to way the pros and cons but will be loyal

So Which Energy Type are You?

Use your own energy type to develop your personal brand so you never reinvent yourself again. From this you decide your own values and follow your beliefs. This is soul aligned living. Bring it into your work life regardless of whether you work for yourself or someone else.

By becoming more attuned to your own energy you also understand others and how to manage the differences between you. This allows you to see things from their perspective without having to sacrifice your own.

As a parent who is a doer this is invaluable as you can plan household time better by giving more time to a slow moving thinker child.

As an adult who is a slow moving thinker you can give your own decisions time and resist being dragged into the schedule of a fast moving doer or talker.

So what’s your energy type and how can you use it to tap into your unique abilities to attract the right situations naturally?



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