Energy Healing is More Than Chakra Balancing

Energy Healing is more than chakra balancing. Your mind holds your memory bank. It stores memories of past experiences and emotional reactions. In a new situation the mind will bring up a stored memory for you.

This is why we ReSet Your Energy using various energy healing modalities. This deletes the emotional response that is attached to your memory so that past experiences don’t resurface pretending to be your current experience.

When you give yourself space to assess your emotions you resolve feelings of anger or disappointment. You appreciate joyful situations. You discover what boredom is wanting you to move onto.

energy healing

We talk about energy being in flow or out of flow.

Confidence is being in flow, self doubt is caused by resistance to flow. The longer you remain in that resistant out of flow state, the more you identify with stress or worry.

Energy healing works with your subtle energy system. It aligns chakras, clears the aura and gets the meridians flowing.

On a day to day level when your thoughts, emotions and physical senses are in agreement you feel like everything is going your way.

Energy Healing Sessions 

Essentially there are two types of energy healing sessions.
The first type is where the practitioner works on your energy with little input from you. This is a distant healing or you lay on the massage table and the practitioner works through your aura using hand positions. This would be a Reiki Session
The second type of session is where the practitioner leads you through activities that ReSet Your Energy. Repeating affirmations, leading you through specific visualisations, taking part in the process in some way. I call this an Energy ReSet
Both types are valid and effective methods. My sessions either combine the two styles or focus on the second method. When the client takes an active part in the process the transformation is quicker and more complete. They feel as though they lead their own transformation.

Instead of my client lying on the table I have them standing at a comfortable distance to allow room for them to sway/rock on their feet as we shift their energy. This Energy ReSet method is perfect for my Online Remote Sessions

We start with your vision or goal of what you want. Then we clear your thoughts and emotions so that your beliefs align to your actions. This clears any resistant self doubt so that you are in flow with your vision.

This method is very empowering as you do the work and feel the shift straight away.

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