Crystal Necklace for Aligned Chakras

Crystal Necklace for Aligned Chakras Current Crystal Necklace Range These crystal necklaces have been blended with the intent to align chakras to a particular vibration. They are cleansed and attuned with reiki healing energy. Standard Finished Length is 45cm just … Continue reading

What is unhealthy worry and what to do about it

Unhealthy Worry

Do you have Symptoms of Unhealthy Worry Unhealthy worry is where anxious thoughts take over your life. Unhealthy worry prevents you from feeling happy. It stops your normal activities. It makes you feel miserable. Worrying is actually a very normal … Continue reading

burn your journal

Is it time to burn your Journal and start again It might be time to burn your journal and start again with a fresh one or at least pull out some pages. I see many comments on social media advising … Continue reading