Find Peace Within is My paid self development group membership launching March 30th 2020


Each month there is a new meditation and a group healing session which remain available to members to use time and again.

Every week there is an affirmation you can use to journal, meditate, or use as a mantra.

Other information on crystals and essential oils, chakra balancing, journaling and more will be added over time

Group Membership

So for the monthly amount of just $22 AUD ($18 for first 20 people) you will receive both a guided meditation and a healing session plus much more

Once your payment is received I will email you a link to join the group. Please check that the email address attached to your paypal account is up to date. If you don’t receive an email within 48hrs please Email Me 


Buy Your Monthly Subscription                 Buy Your 6Monthly Subscription                 Buy Your Yearly Subscription


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