4 Pillars of Mindset Energy – Part 1 Beliefs

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Wow you’ve been hearing all this buzz… 🐝

A woman in your mothers group was getting stressed out at work – and credits chakra balancing with now being able to switch off and recharge ….

A friend getting dragged down in a negative workplace … is now motivated to change her own limiting beliefs about success …. using chakras

The creative coach who produces your favourite podcast? She’s mentioned it too! She’s activating her Chakras to get more focused on her biz goals.

But …. mindset energy is still a mystery to many creative thinking women. (And maybe you’re one of them!)

Because, frankly… the benefits are not obvious – and not being discussed as much as journaling for mindset matters.

Still it’s not quite clear to YOU how to turn into Chakras to change YOUR mindset for success, right?

So, in this blog post series – The 4 Pillars of Mindset Energy – I’m digging into the details of exactly *how* Chakras and Energy work to change your mindset – and focus on your goals. So read on!

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So my approach to Chakra Energy: Keep it Simple.

While Chakra balancing (like any energy healing system) is transformative – you can keep it simple and be guided well. 

There are always different modalities you could try… new techniques to learn about… different ways to balance Chakras. (I like to leave those to the gurus while I focus on what I know works!)

But – and this is important – no matter how many ways there are to balance chakras… I’ve found that there are FOUR pillars of self connection and life planning success. And those pillars stay the same. 

And, if you prioritise them – and avoid getting distracted by other peoples priorities, ideas, and demands that simply aren’t that relevant – you will see results with mindset energy.

Those 4 Pillars of Mindset Energy are:

1) Beliefs

2) Vision

3) Priorities

4) Time & Consistency


4 Pillars of Mindset Energy- Part 1 Belief Patterns


In this post, I’ll be covering what you need to know about Belief Patterns – the first Pillar. In future posts, I’ll be outlining the other three Pillars – Vision, Priorities and Time.

Now let’s dive into those beliefs. Ready?

The First Pillar of Mindset Energy is: Belief Patterns

At times life can feel stuck on autopilot. It just seems to happen. From the outside your life might look fantastic, bustling career, a lovely home, overseas holidays, fabulous family, but…

But at some point, you feel something important is missing. You thought you were striving for things that would make you happy but in reality, it’s been more like ticking off a box.

When you look at your workplace, your colleagues, your friends, your life you realise that along the way you’ve lost connection with yourself, your dreams, your plans.

Instead, you’ve been focused on fitting in. It’s always been about what you should or should not do, what was expected rather than what you wanted.

Now you just want to focus on yourself and following your dreams!

So in this blog post, I’m going to share the main three Belief Patterns that I see as the best place to start reconnecting with yourself.

Our goal here is to evaluate all beliefs and behaviours of a messy mindset.

Pattern 1: Negative Beliefs

Pattern 2: Limiting Beliefs

Pattern 3: Empowering Beliefs

So, let’s go deeper…


Pattern 1: Negative Beliefs

Start by listening to yourself and the words you say.

Do you use the same phrases

  • If only ……
  • I always do that…
  • This always happens ….
  • I wish I could ….

Are the same situations occurring

  • you feel you’re caught in a revolving door, same work problems, same relationship problems, same gossip
  • you regret past situations, wish you could have done or said things differently
  • no one ever takes notice of your opinion, it’s like you’re invisible

Any of these seem familiar?


Pattern 2: Limiting Beliefs

You’re stuck in your head obsessing over the same problem. It’s like a loop that keeps playing the same song and you can’t turn it off.

You keep reliving some embarrassing moment giving a presentation at work and now you’re worried that people are laughing about you.

You keep comparing yourself to the popular person in the office. You know you’re not funny or as well organised or as clever as they seem to be.

You have irrational fears of losing your job so you are fearful of saying what you really think about a new product or service.

These are just a few possibilities. Make a note of what’s stuck on your mind and how it makes you feel in your body.


Pattern 3: Empowering Beliefs

Empowering beliefs are not about being right or wrong. It’s how the belief makes you feel. It’s an internal response.

Do you feel relaxed and open, or do you feel like your body is tightening up?

When you have a challenge do you instantly clam up and think I can’t possibly do that. Or do you take a few deep breaths and think ok that’s a struggle, but I’m sure I can figure it out or ask someone to help.

Limiting beliefs and negative self talk stop progress. Positive self talk encourages empowering beliefs. It takes time and consistency to pivot away from old habits.


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So where does Mindset Energy Fit Into All This?

All these swirling beliefs and emotions we have that don’t get processed or dumped lead to beliefs we have about ourselves and life. We grow up thinking the only way to get ahead is to work really hard and always do what the boss tells you. Or the only way to be successful is to have a lot of money. It’s no wonder we can get stuck in limiting beliefs around money, pursuing dreams and reaching goals.

There are so many old sayings linked to chakra themes that we are programmed with from a young age. We use chakra balancing to find your belief programmes and reset them, restoring your energy to natural.

Generally, when we talk of the chakra system, we’re referring to the 7 main chakras. They each tell a story about different areas of your life and the belief patterns attached to them.


Here’s what I mean…

The root chakra influences how we feel in terms of safety and security in our own environment. It is our first experience as being a member of a family or core group. It’s connected to income, security, sense of belonging, stability, trust in yourself or others. It’s low side can have you feeling off kilter, fearful, anxious, jittery, a worrier.

On the other hand ….

The solar plexus is where our strong sense of self is stored. It is connected to the opinions and beliefs we have about ourselves and the world we live in. On it’s low side is self doubt, feeling not enough, lacking skills and a sense of accomplishment.

So from just these two chakras we can see where some of these belief patterns we’ve been talking about can make our life feel messy.

Therefore, when we talk of chakra balancing, we are actually working with the belief patterns of that chakra. Also we can use the main point of each chakra to delve into any issue.

Money going out as soon as it comes in? Look at your core beliefs around money and family in the root chakra.

Not getting anywhere with turning a great idea into reality? Are you stuck in your third eye imagining how it all works but not taking any physical actions (root chakra) into making it happen?


So in summary …. belief patterns are the foundation of mindset energy.

By following these patterns through all chakras, a new vision of life can be developed.


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