DeStress simply in just 5 minutes with these 3 Tips

We often don’t notice the stress our body holds. We sit for long hours at our screens. We hold in the thoughts we can’t express. Worry makes us serious, tense and panicky.

So try any of these three tips to destress quickly, shifting your focus, loosening your muscles, changing your breath.

Tip 1 DeStress by Breathing Deeply

Often when we’re stressed we hold our breath. You most likely won’t even notice  yourself doing this. Our minds and our bodies are naturally linked so when you hold your breath or take shallow breaths for long periods of time your body starts to panic which causes your mind to panic.

I noticed this myself along time ago. During a time when I was really busy at work I had the flu which led to asthma symptoms. I’d talk and the air would hit my throat and start me coughing badly. After a long time of asthma type issues and still rushing around stressed with being as busy as ever I noticed that I was breathing in shallow breathes not even aware of my out breathe. After that I would spend time focusing on breathing out. With my mouth slightly open I would expel a breathe deeply so that I would feel my belly contract.

So to DeStress quickly Take 3 deep breathes out long and slow. Then switch to breathing in deeply for a count of 3 hold then out slowly for 5. Repeat this at least 5 times. Take your time and feel your body sink back into your spine, your seat and your feet. Feel your focus come back to your centre. ( For me it’s that spot below the sternum )

Then develop a Belly Breathing practice for 5 – 10 mins daily. Deep slow breathing, feeling your belly rise when you breathe in and out when you breathe out. If it helps count the breaths. Gradually increasing the number to slow the breath down.

woman strectching to relax muscles and destress quickly

Tip 2 DeStress with Laughter

Feeling isolated can contribute to your stress and worry. So instead of brooding catch up with a friend, have a chat and a good laugh at life.

Just a 5 minute call to shift your thoughts and have a laugh can really help at times.

Or look up a funny clip online that you know will make you laugh. Good deep belly laughs are a great way to destress. This will release the tension and remind you that most problems can be solved.

Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being giving temporary relieve pain.

Tip 3 DeStress with Muscle Relaxation

Another symptoms of stress is tense muscles. Take a moment to notice your body. Are your shoulders clenched, the back of your neck tight?

Try this quick exercise to destress and relax your body, releasing that tension.

Start with your toes. Bring all of your attention into your toes and clench them as tight as you can for 5 seconds. Count 1-2-3-4-5. Then release. Move on up to your calves, tighten the muscles and count to 5. Then release. Move all the way up your body in sequences like this working one muscle at a time until you get to your forehead. Often our facial muscles are tight when we are stressed. Clench your forehead into a frown for 5 seconds. And then release. Move your jaw side to side, open wide. This also helps loosen facial muscles. Stand tall, stretch your hands high, then wide. Bend to your toes. Do this several times.

Your body should now feel relaxed and looser. Your mind should also feel a little fresher.


These tips are designed to help you with day to day stress.

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