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Feel relaxed, aligned + focused with a session unique to your goals

Healing Session

In each energy healing session we have a goal in mind to let go of or attract. Then we work through a process that enables you to re-pattern the energy blockages in the cells that are creating emotional, physical or soul imbalances.

We discuss the issues that are bothering you, then work through an intuitive muscle test process which may also include affirmations, crystals, visualisations, and oracle cards. We balance your chakras with Reiki.

So that you feel relaxed, aligned + focused

About Healing!

1:1 Healing Program

Coming soon a 4-6 week program designed around a life goal you want to achieve. It will combine healing sessions and mentoring.

Raise Your Vibe Workshop

Coming Soon This online workshop designed to help you understand and work with your personal energy in your day to day life.