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Feel calm, self confident and satisfied with a session unique to your goals

It’s never too late to become you!

You continually adapt yourself to fit in with the people around you. You send out little pieces of yourself in so many ways that you can feel like a zigsaw puzzle that’s missing some of it pieces. This creates self doubt, emotional stress and disharmony within.

So instead let me guide you in pulling all those fragments back into yourself so you feel whole, complete and self confident with a real sense of peace from within.

Change means reinvention. Most adults reinvent themselves several times during their lifetime. I know I have a number of times as I’ve moved through first job, marriage, raising children, changing jobs and divorce. Each time a major shift happens in our lives we go inside and choose who we want to become so that we continue reaching for our full potential.

It takes time to reinvent yourself, to reassess what you value, to make choices, to be confident in who you are.  As you peel away that first layer that has been concealing the real you other issues arise. Therefore I recommend my clients make a commitment to themselves for three sessions within the first 8 weeks of working with me. Then together we will design a self care plan unique to you.

ReSet Yourself Package – 3 x 1:1 sessions, action plan and support calls

When you experience a major shift in your life such as divorce or career change the emotional stress can be overwhelming. You may be in need of additional support as you work through the practical decisions of changing your lifestyle. I guide you with a 3 step action plan that puts you back in charge.

Although they love you family and friends give advice based on how your situation affects them. Its human nature. Instead let’s focus on your best interests.

My 18 Week Coaching/Healing Programme is designed to give you the support and healing you need at this time. There are 10 x 1:1 sessions, action plan, weekly support calls. In this way you work through your emotional responses to make the decisions that are right for you so that you are self confident in all your choices.

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Feeling Overwhelmed to Self Confident

Life is a bit chaotic. You’re feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. You’re not sleeping well. You toss + turn as your mind won’t switch off from your day. Then a cycle of worry starts with all the things you didn’t get done today adding to tomorrow’s list and the grocery list and it goes on from there. Your confidence takes a hit as you fall into overthinking.

Energy ReSet

In each ReSet session we have a goal in mind to let go of or attract, these are the issues currently frustrating you. Then we work through a process that combines energy healing techniques and conversational guidance to release those emotions. We discuss your feelings and beliefs. There is no need to rehash or experience old trauma.

Instead we work through a system that uses an intuitive muscle test process which may also include affirmations, crystals, visualisations, and oracle cards. I balance your chakras with Reiki so you feel calm, self confident and satisfied from within.

self confidentBenefits of a Energy ReSet Session

Deep relaxation, more restful sleep
Greater sense of peace & wellbeing
Feeling a sense of satisfaction
Emotional strength & balance
Self Confidence

Relief from stress, anxiety & overwhelm
Enhancing clarity & focus
Alleviate headaches, aches & pains
Promoting healing & growth in your life

Overwhelm to Clarity

When all of our time, energy and thoughts get overloaded with doing, life can feel chaotic.

You realise that you’re feeling anxious rather than concerned

Memories pop up of the problems that occurred in  old relationships

You worry whether you’re good enough to apply for a particular job.

Or you have to move house and there’s a million things to organise, sort and pack and you don’t have the emotional strength to tackle it.

You get the picture.

Worry can be like disruptive little whirlwinds of thought that keep gathering until they are like a thick fog that keeps us from seeing and breathing clearly.

Worry takes us out of ourselves leaving us feeling scattered. So let’s nip it in the bud. Bringing You back into Yourself

So let’s focus on You

So that you feel calm, self confident and satisfied that you are in control of what direction your life is taking

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