Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing

During emotional healing sessions you are clearing away all the old stuck emotional hurts that have built up over time. You release limiting beliefs and patterns, self doubt, anxiety, fear, sadness and overwhelm. Sounds horrible doesn’t it?

Often as a child when we get upset we’re told to not worry about it, stop being a cry baby, it doesn’t matter. Our concerns haven’t been answered, our emotions are not acknowledged, we may feel that we don’t matter. We learn to do as we’re told.

But when emotions are not expressed, understood and released they build up. They become stored in the body as physical pain. Emotional health means tuning into your feelings.

Old hurts can build to a point where a small trigger can set off large overwhelm for you and disrupt your current life.

So let’s fix that! Let’s ReSet Your Energy so you can embrace your sensitive nature and tune into your inner wisdom.

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Emotional healing allows you to have a fresh start. Learn how to tune into your emotions and what they are telling you. Respond to situations, people and life secure in your own energy separate to the influence of others.

What Clients Are Saying

Telsa – Oh wow I feel like me again!

Bev – I watched the fog lift and drift away.

Netta – I felt the energy flow from my head down through my body and drain away the toxins

Kristy – I can’t believe how relaxed safe and protected I feel,  how much I feel grounded and  connected to myself.

Julieanne – Love ya work Lorelle💕thanks for my session last week. I really enjoyed the whole process and best of all you brought me back to the land of the living and my eyes improved and became more relaxed and light.xx 

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