Tune into your heart, ask for guidance then choose a  Wisdom of the Oracle Plant Message

This weeks cards were interesting. I used the Wisdom of the Oracle cards 4 weeks ago with Sunsets and the same cards came out for both A + C as did today, so today I asked for a different perspective of the message.

So today please read this weeks card reveal then go to this link to reread the Sunset one to see what you may have missed last time

Wisdom of the Oracle Plant Mesage


Wisdom of the Oracle Plant Message A

 Wisdom of the Oracle Plant Message

Flexible – Being adaptable without compromising

A tree’s roots are solidly planted in the ground allowing it to bend in a high winds, remaining secure and supple when everything around it may be in shambles. This is how you need to be now. Be willing to learn new things, teachable, malleable, yet firmly grounded in Who you are. Keep an open mind, stay curious, stay aware, others will be more flexible with you too.

Let go of any rigidity, you don’t always have to be right, do you? It’s ok to make a happy compromise, you can still get your needs met.

Even when you have a clear vision of what you want, what it will look like, who will share it, you still need to relax and be open to other possibilities. Spirit may have even better plans for you. It may be a job you hadn’t thought of or some other opportunity beyond your imagination.

Wisdom of the Oracle Plant Message B

 Wisdom of the Oracle Plant Message

Truth Be Told -Honesty and Clarity of Communicaton

There is the truth which is the essence of a thing, and there is a truth which is subjective. This is a time when you’re being called to proclaim Your truth, out loud, honest and transparent. Be open with your communication with yourself and others.

Engage in heartfelt open conversation and see the truth of what you share with others and look for the higher truth that comes from honesty.

It’s time to look at the truth of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about your relationships to meaningful work and income. Being true to your calling is the way forward.

Wisdom of the Oracle Plant Message C

 Wisdom of the Oracle Plant Message

Yin – Gather information and take in the cues

This is a time of calculated receptivity as you gracefully await what is coming to you, ready to accept when it appears. Yin is consciously allowing things to flow To you. Be aware as you study the actions of others and contemplate how they affect you and yours. Make space for miracles to appear.

Let others take the lead right now. Your power lies in small gestures, awareness and conscious surrender. Permit others to tell you who they are and who they can be to you by allowing their actions to speak about them. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Let others show you the way forward. Observe their behaviour and follow their lead. Your desire to push through must take a back seat for now. Collaborate and offer your ideas rather than dictating what must happen. Let others come to you.


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