What your emotional energy is telling you

So what is emotional energy?

Emotional energy is our inner fuel. It’s what gets us out of bed each day to take part in the world. When we acknowledge and express our needs, we add fuel to our emotional energy tank. This is the energy in our thoughts, our words, our feelings, the kind that manifests as hope, resilience, passion, fun, and enthusiasm. When we feel we are not being heard, our ideas and opinions, it diminishes our sense of well being. When we learn to tap into our feelings, we identify what we need to move forward. As we make our needs a priority we increase our sense of well being.

emotional energy

Emotional Drains

  • excessive worrying
  • overdosing on guilt
  • indecisiveness
  • over committing
  • not setting healthy boundaries
  • holding on to loss

Emotional Gains

  • making personal choices based on your needs rather than on the expectations of others
  • choosing to do things, no matter how small, that include fun, creativity and companionship
  • learning how to say “no” without feeling guilty
  • acknowledging loss and letting it go
  • embracing life fully

When you constantly feel tired or blah then your emotional energy is likely to be low. So it’s time to evaluate how you really feel. Assessing your energy is a quick simple process but it does take practice for you to read the energy and work through what it means for you.

Do a scan of your body each morning so you are aware of your own aches and pains, emotions, wants and needs. Become aware of what emotional changes take place throughout the day and where they come from. What drains you and what lifts you up. Learn to tune into your vibration to raise your emotional energy.

What is your emotional energy telling you

  • Are you working towards your own goals or feeling stuck doing someone else’s bidding
  • Do you spend time doing what you enjoy so you feel confident in your plans
  • Do you feel drained after being with a friend who talks of nothing but problems
  • Is there a recurring theme in what you worry about

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