What are your business chakras?

business chakra energy for online creators & creative assistansts

What is a business chakra balance? Your business has it’s own energy. You are more than your business and your business is more than you. So why not treat your business as the separate entity that it is?

Firstly you need to ensure your own chakra system is balanced and flowing when problems arise in your business. Next balance the chakra system of the business. Then ensure yourself and your business are in alignment energetically so there are no mixed messages.

Your Business Chakras  But you are your business aren’t you?

Your Business chakras relate to the 7 main areas of your business. So where are they and how do they function. Image the business as a pyramid of energy starting from the base as the foundation of the business. Working up through the seven zone tier of the branding, the products, the relationship with customers, your message clarity, how you communicate your marketing, decision making and planning for the future.

balance the energy of your business chakras for creative designers and assistantsBase Chakra  Foundation, structure, stability, financial security, systems,

Sacral Chakra Creativity, Branding,  feedback from clients

Solar Plexus Power, Products or services, action, truth

Heart Chakra Relationships with staff, clients, suppliers

Throat Chakra Communicate your purpose, message clarity, marketing

Third Eye Chakra Intuition – foresee trends, inspired possibility, decision making

Crown Chakra Vision, openness to change, awareness of strengths + weakness

During your business chakras balance we look at issues happening within the day to day operations of the business to see where blocks are occurring then shift that energy. I clear and balance the chakra system of the business whilst also tapping into any intuitive insights on what the business needs to move forward. This gives you an action plan to implement.

How you can help your business chakras to stay balanced

  • follow through on any gaps in the business branding, business systems, content planning and marketing strategy identified in the session
  • implement the seven zone tier in any planning
  • monitor the flow of energy in the business and the people connected with it
  • get regular energy balances for your busines


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