A Keeper of the Light Oracle has a message for you.

Just tune into your heart and ask your question … Then choose a chair to sit in and the Keeper of the Light will come sit with you and share the wisdom they have for you

keeper of the light oracle


Keeper of the Light Oracle


Keeper of the Light Oracle Message A

Keeper of the Light Oracle

The Holy Spirit

Remember that only love is real. Miracles will occur naturally. Spirit has Your back.

Expect the unexpected. Angels are dancing around you . Leave behind thoughts memories and feelings that are no longer serving you and remember the love that you are. Move into your heart and allow that love to shine out into the world. Then miracles will happen


Keeper of the Light Oracle Message B

Keeper of the Light Oracle


Move back into wholeness. Recognise that You have the power

Your spiritual fire is growing within. Recognise that the power of your soul is greater than you think. There is a powerful force within you . You have the ability to create great change for yourself and inspire those around you to do the same for themselves.

Be aware of new projects, opportunities and fertile ideas that can grow into something larger than you may imagine. Call on the fiery goddess Brigid to light the way ahead


Keeper of the Light Oracle Message C

Keeper of the Light Oracle

Lady Portia

Do what You feel is right. There is an important lesson unfolding.

Right now a call for justice is being brought into your space. Even is this means you will lose out there is really no loss in the highest state of truth.

Act from the heart, see the other persons point of view and surrender your pride so that you’re coming from a loving space. Take the time to learn from this situation. Know that Lady Portia and the angels of justice are gathering round to honour everyone involved.


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