The Ultimate Imbalanced Chakra Guide

I find that the chakra system is an ideal framework to look at life’s challenges. Each energy center has its own life themes and emotional imbalances for you to view the situations you are experiencing and decide how to move forward.

So I made this simple guide that gives a list of behaviours for chakra imbalance symptoms so you can quickly see where you or someone else is currently sitting between balanced and imbalanced chakras.


balanced and imbalanced chakra guideHere’s the guide that lists chakra imbalance symptoms

It’s an infographic that you can download to your phone for easy reference so that you can easily someones behaviour with the chakra imbalance symptoms.

There’s a big gap between the emotional symptoms of balanced and imbalanced chakras. Take the throat chakra for instance.

Someone who clearly expresses their opinions tactfully and thoughtfully is balanced.

On the other hand someone who has difficulty speaking up for themselves or talks too much, too loudly, is opinionated and critical is showing signs of the throat chakra being out of balance. This imbalance can be either overactive such as letting your own opinions dominate conversations or under active when you don’t voice what you want.

You may not be feeling or experiencing all of the balanced list but use these 2 lists to see how close you are or to highlight an issue you need to face.

Use this handy Imbalanced Chakra Guide in two ways

Firstly use the chakra imbalance symptoms

to understand more about human behaviour so that you get a different perspective of those around you. When you easily identify these chakra imbalance symptoms occurring around it you are able to withdraw from this energy that would otherwise drain you, in day to day situations.

Secondly use this guide to Imbalanced Chakra

to assess your own emotions when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life. Run through the balanced chakra list. Are you in flow with being balanced or are you out of alignment? This helps you be aware of your next steps in finding balance within yourself.


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