At Trevallan

Dimensional Chakras at Trevallan

Lorelle is at the Mystic Garden at Trevallan Lifestyle Centre Brassall 4305 on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday for reiki healings & readings.  Book Now!

1:1 sessions for reiki healing, chakra balancing, chakra readings, energy reset

Relax with Reiki and chakra balancing to unwind and rebalance from stress.

Or work on a specific issue or goal with a Dimensional Reset Session

If you’re wanting guidance around your current path than Book a reading where we’ll delve into your question via the chakra life themes.

Dimensional ReSet …is unique to the individual and the goal in mind. Working with the Dimensional process we delve into the 12 parts of the being and re-pattern the energy.

Lorelle will also balance the chakras and fill the aura with Reiki to complete the relaxation process. Sometimes she will include crystals or flower essence or a flower card. Sometimes intuitive insight or mentoring conversation all blended together as an energetic healing.

After a session with Lorelle you will truly feel a balancing of the body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

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Crystal Jewelry

Lorelle makes aura sprays and crystal jewelry, healing bracelets, crystal pendants and necklaces. These are available for purchase instore at Trevallan Lifestyle Centre