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Dimensional Healing at Trevallan

Lorelle is available at Trevallan Lifestyle Centre Brassall 4305 on Wednesdays and Saturdays


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Restore Your Inner Clarity

1:1 sessions using energy healing, visionary cards, human design, self alignment

Helping busy women own your energy while juggling work & life. Clear your mind, create your joy!


Whether you’re struggling with workplace negativity, adapting to life changes or setting new goals let’s bring some clarity, intent & joy into your life.


Dimensional ReSet Energy Clearing Session

Ready to reset your energy? Experience a transformative Dimensional ReSet session designed to cleanse and elevate your energy.

This personalized session focuses on a specific issue or goal, blending chakra balancing, Reiki infusion, intuitive insights, and RAW kinesiology.

We start by identifying the issues you want to clear and the results you desire. Through the dimensional process, we tap into your cellular wisdom to release stagnant energy, unprocessed emotions, and past belief patterns. This allows you to replace old energy with unconditional love, creating space for your new future.

Whether you’re seeking clarity, emotional release, or a fresh start, this session helps you achieve harmonious alignment within yourself.

Ready to reset your energy? Book your session today and step into your new future with clarity and purpose!





Clarity  … Simple card reading with visualisation healingNeed clarity and direction in your life?

Unlock insights into your life with a Clarity card reading.

During this session, you’ll choose five cards that reveal information from your energy field.

Starting with your current spot, we’ll explore what’s holding you back, your potential future, the path from now to that future, and the attitude needed to get there.

We conclude with a healing visualisation to integrate the insights gained.

This session helps you gain a deeper understanding of your current situation, clear obstacles, and set a clear path forward. It’s a simple yet powerful way to gain clarity and direction in your life.

Gain the clarity and direction you need. Book your Clarity Card Reading session today!

(Hint: Come on your own or make a morning with friends, coffee and individual readings! )

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ReConnect  …  Birth Chart Reading with Reiki Healing

Birth Chart Reading with Reiki Healing

Discover your unique energy blueprint with a Birth Chart Reading combined with Reiki Healing.

This session begins with an analysis of your birth chart, generated from your birth information, to uncover your energetic traits and blocks.

We use visionary cards and Reiki healing energy, along with a crystal message, to anchor the changes.

You’ll learn about your core energy traits, how to use them effectively, your energy centers, and how to work harmoniously within a team.

This session provides profound insights into your personal energy dynamics, helping you navigate life with purpose and clarity.

Reconnect with your true self. Book your session today and step into your purpose with clarity!

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ReAlign  … Private class in self alignmentto release energetic stress

Looking for a simple but effective energy technique to add to your self healing toolbox?

Learn to release energetic stress and elevate your mood with a private self-alignment class.

Using the advanced Energy Key process and muscle testing, this class helps you quickly address specific issues or goals.

You’ll learn to break down current challenges, understand your feelings and beliefs, and identify recurring patterns. We create personalized releasing and claiming statements, using the Energy Key process to facilitate healing. You’ll receive a take home workbook for ongoing practice, ensuring lasting change.

This class empowers you to manage stress and overthinking, providing tools for continuous self-improvement.

Empower yourself with self alignment tools. Book your private class today and take control of your energy!

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Unlock Your Energy Potential! Take the quiz to answer 10 fun questions and discover your unique energy persona.

Are you Serene, Intuitive, Sensitive or Wise?

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Intentional Jewellery and Aura Blends

These are available for purchase instore at Trevallan Lifestyle Centre

Crystal Jewelry

Lorelle makes aura sprays and intentional jewellery such as crystal jewelry, healing bracelets, crystal pendants and necklaces.

Wirework Workshops

Lorelle teachs beginner crystal and wirework pendant classes at Trevallan. Perfect for a small group of friends.

Essential Oil Aroma Blends

There are six aroma blends in the Dimensional Essence range. These are sprays with intention.

The original blend is Calm and Collected. This blend works on all 7 main chakras to bring you back into yourself so you feel calmly in control. It has a gentle smell of lemongrass and clary sage blended with ylang ylang and lavender then anchored by frankincense, cedarwood and patchouli

Fresh Focus refreshes your senses giving you clarity of mind to focus on what you need to get done. It has the fresh smell of peppermint with basil and rosemary.

Carefree and Creative stimulates and harmonises creativity and self confidence. It has a light sweet floral smell of geranium and ylang ylang with clove giving a hint of mystery

Earth Spirit restores and stabilises your inner peace. It has the fresh smell of cypress with rosemary and cedarwood.

Purify and Protect clears away the energetic debris you collect through the day restoring a sense of peace, harmony and friendliness in your environment. It smells of lemongrass and juniper with gentle floral undertones that are anchored by patchouli.

Higher Support grounds and supports your inner wisdom. It smells like woodland fairies with juniper, rosemary, frankincense and patchouli.


calm and collected aroma blend and aura spray