Which TREE has a message for You?

Tune into your heart as you look at the trees and ask for direction from your inner guidance.

Which tree calls your attention and focus. You may be drawn to more than one. If so make note of their order so you can read the messages in that order

tree messages


Tree Messages A

Tree Messages

Into the Unknown

Trust and all will be revealed. Life is an adventure with new opportunities arising that you don’t always know how to deal with. Trust in this new phase as it reveals wonders and miracles.


Imagine you are a path maker, whatever you seek you’ll be safe. Stay aware as you make discoveries of new territories and valuable treasure.


Tree Messages B

Tree Messages

Coming to Life

Something beautiful is being born in your life. Can you see how you’ve grown and evolved over time. You’ve shed skins and identities as you’ve come into flow with yourself and the world you inhabit.


There’s a long held dream beginning to show signs of life. Don’t try to shape it or hurry it along, Spirit knows the best manifestation of this dream. All you have to do is show up and watch in awe as it unfolds.


Tree Messages C

Tree Messages

Balancing Act

You are calm within no matter the fluctuation of outer conditions.
There’s times where you may feel topsy turvy as you juggle a thousand things, making you unsure of your footing.


Now is the time to evaluate which areas of your life need balance and restore equilibrium. Choose harmony over discord and success will be yours. You will find inner stability when you choose a path that is balanced, focused and level.


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