The Sway Test – Helping You Make Decisions

a creative assistant wanting to learn how to use her inner pendulum with the sway test

With a sway test you use your whole body as a pendulum. It works similar to a muscle test with a pivot.

I’ve been teaching the sway test in workshops for a couple of years now and my clients have been finding it a beneficial way to shift from their mind to their body for answers they seek.

Mia’s Story of the Sway Test

Mia has started her crystal collection. She had also bought her first crystal pendulum and was eager to play.

Mia’s Mum taught her how to connect with the pendulum and how to ask it questions. Mia very soon realised that she could change the pendulums answer using her mind. So Mia came to me for a 1:1 session on crystals and energy.

During this session I taught Mia how to use her own body as a pendulum. Your body sways forward in agreement (Yes) and back is disagreement (No). Mia thought this was so cool!

We talked about the sort of questions she could ask herself. This included things like

is this sick feeling in my tummy because I’m worried about …

am I feeling jittery because I’m worried about my friend …

am I unable to concentrate on my assignment because I don’t understand what I need to do …

yes or no what answer does your sway test giveUsing the Sway Test for Making Choices

Mia had recently begun having frequent headaches. She’s 12, has some gut health issues and recently been eating more chocolate, so there are various things that could be causing the headaches. Mia decided to see if the sway test would help her sort out what was causing her headaches.

Firstly Mia asked are my headaches were caused by hormonal changes. No

Then …

Mia asked are my headaches caused by eating chocolate. Yes

Mia knows she has a problem with dairy so she was then able to ask questions that pinpointed the dairy in her chocolate coated almonds as being the problem. Easy fixed without Mum getting on her case. Mia can look for snack foods that are both yummy and suit her body chemistry.

The Sway Test Takes Practice

The sway test is easy. Just stand naturally with feet apart and your knees relaxed. Center yourself and drop down into your body.

diagram showing the sway test responses

To get started you’re going to use 2 statements. One statement is correct so you will sway forwards. The other is wrong so you will feel a lean or sway backwards. This is similar to rocking back and forth on your feet from the balls of your feet to the heal. Your response may be very subtle or it may be very distinct and visible.

Your sway question is – My name is incorrect. So for myself I will say My name is David and feel myself rock back on my heels.

My name is correct. My name is Lorelle and feel myself gently sway forwards. My weight moves forward onto the balls of my feet with my body leaning forward.

Try it! The people in my workshops found it easier when getting started to get their No feeling. It was more solid and distinctive to feel.

Once you get your sway practice it by asking yourself questions. The wording of the question is what takes the most practice.

Don’t use words like will I, should I. Instead make statements. I am feeling or thinking this because of that. My main priority today is to do this. Your sway will agree or disagree.

So try out your Sway!


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