Your Self Healing Practice – iLuminate

Getting derailed by the opinions of other people leads to overthinking, worry and self doubt. I know because I’ve been stuck in that cycle. I let myself believe that their opinion must be true, which also meant that mine had no value.

Now as a healing practitioner with loads of hours of training and healing sessions behind me I see life much differently and you can too.

Overtime I’ve found that the clients who take an active role in their self healing turn their lives around so that they have unshakeable trust in themselves.

This is why I created iLuminate. It’s a space for you to connect to yourself each month to sift through your thoughts and emotions and clear away any disappointments. Then set intentions of what you want to attract into your life in its place. This becomes the foundation of your self healing practice.

I help you do this by picking a self growth topic each month and leading you through the one simple technique I teach in my eCourse Align Your Energy.

If this resonates with you I’d like to invite you to iLuminate.

Each month on the 25th I create this Self Healing Session around a specific issue. All you need to do is choose your own time to take part.


picture of lamp to iluminate your path to self healing