What Does Reiki Infused Mean?

How I infuse intentions into jewelry using reiki

What do i mean by reiki infused?

I create reiki infused crystal healing jewelry. This provides some “healing on the go”.

Well let’s start by talking about reiki is.

Reiki is a hands on energy healing technique that the practitioner has been attuned to using 8 – 10 specific symbols depending on the process the reiki master uses.

These symbols each have their own meaning and energy just like an emoji thumbs up may mean yes with the extended energy of approval and appreciation.

At the first level of Reiki you are attuned to use the reiki power symbol, second level is the distant healing symbol and master level is the master symbol.

The reiki practitioner then uses the symbols they are attuned to in their self healing, healing others and infusing objects in daily life.


Reiki Infused Healing Jewelry

When I create crystal healing jewelry I use a combination of crystals for their colour and metaphyscial properties. I have a purpose in mind for the jewelry.

This is what I do with my crystal hug necklaces. With each hug I’ve combined around five crystals to blend a particular energy.

Take the hug with the energy of self expression. The intention is for the wearer to express yourself from the heart with confidence, truth and wisdom. I choose crystals for specific elements of that intention as well as grounding. That is grounding for the wearer as well as grounding the intention.

The crystals I chose were

  • Lapis Lazuli ~ insight, self expression, awareness, wisdom keeper
  • Sodalite ~ logic, knowledge, communication, expression, confidence
  • Garnet ~ protective and calming, balance and uplift, cleanse and reenergize
  • Smokey Quartz ~ grounding, balancing, amplifies truth, path to wisdom

By combining these crystals we bring about a feeling of knowledge, insight and truth, expressed with confidence from the heart.

Once I’ve chosen the crystals I lay everything out on my worktable. The chosen crystals in small piles of the gemstone chips, the beading wire and the clasp findings, my pliers etc.

Handmade & Reiki Infused

Then I go about making the item with intention. I’ve activated reiki so the energy is running through my hands, the words confidence, truth and wisdom run through my mind with some of the other traits of the crystals and I imagine the wearer embodying these traits to benefit themselves and the people around them.

Once the item is completed I close down the reiki energy and give thanks to my guides.

Before the item is delivered to the gift shop I sell from, it is cleansed and charged with Reiki healing energy, to enhance the crystals own benefits and give a sense of peace and tranquility.

Reiki Charged

What this means is I sit with the completed jewelry in my hands and activate reiki. I’m a reiki master so I use both my master symbol and the power symbol in this process. I have a 3 stage mantra I use over the crystals to cleanse the crystals of everything not of themselves, activate their own energy and dedicate the crystals and finished item to the highest good as a healing tool.

Whilst saying the mantras I also use symbols over the crystals and send reiki energy into the item, before sealing it with the power symbol.

picture of crystal necklace and bracelet reiki infused and handmadeAll of this combined is what Reiki Infused means when I use the following descriptions of my products.

To provide some “healing on the go”, I create crystal healing jewelry that is infused with Reiki healing energy and positive intentions.

Crystal jewelry is handmade and reiki infused with intention to promote unconditional love and harmony in the wearer.

All crystals are cleansed and charged with Reiki healing energy, to enhance the crystals own benefits and give a sense of peace and tranquility.

What do other creatives mean when they say Reiki Infused?

When I see other items in gift shops using the words reiki infused because of my own processes I assume that they also send reiki into their hand made items either during the making process or in cleansing and charging the crystals used. They do this while setting the intentions for any positive energy or other descriptions and using whatever symbols, smudging or anything else they feel guided to do.

And if you’re not a reiki practitioner you can do your own process that is very similar. Instead of using symbols you may combine mantras, spells, smudging smoke, sprays or a variety of other healing tools in your own way that infuses intention into the item.

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