Struggling to Meditate? 3 Ways Beginners can Meditate Simply


When You Struggle to Meditate

You really struggle to meditate but you know that meditation can help you unwind and relax but your mind is just too full. You just can’t do it. You start thinking of all the things you need to do. Things to add to the grocery list, the book you’re currently reading, a conversation you had this morning.

woman sitting on floor to meditate simply

Is your mind too busy to meditate simply

There are many ways and methods to meditate depending on what you want to achieve. The primary reason to meditate is to clear the mind chatter and go within to your heart space.

So let’s dig in to easy ways to do that. To meditate simply get started by focusing on methods that shift your focus out of your brain and thoughts.

Meditate Simply Method 1

Find somewhere easy to sit in public, at the beach, in a park or even the food court at the local shopping centre. Look for something to fix your gaze on, a butterfly or bird, someone and their dog, or a child playing. Or just lay back and let yourself drift with the clouds. This is your focus.

Keep your attention on your focus. You’re just watching. Not thinking or assessing. Just let your eyes follow the movement. Enjoy the freedom and feel yourself drifting along with the movement. Just sit for 5 mins or so enjoying the feeling of flying along with the birds or the clouds.

Meditate Simply Method 2

Have you ever been doing something physical like exercise, walking, gardening, baking or craft work where your mind doesn’t need to be engaged? Instead you’re focused on what your hands or feet are doing.

Your mind drifts along and suddenly you have an idea for a design you’ve been trying to work out. Or you’ve sorted the best way to organise the kids school drop off for the next month.

So another method to meditate simply is to choose a creative activity where you are focusing on the step by step instructions like a recipe. Or maybe you’re concentrating on where to dab the paint brush, turn the wire, or place the stamp next. Maybe you’re pulling weeds one by one. Or while you walk or run you’re counting your steps to a pattern of 4.

All these activities give your mind something else to do. It takes your thoughts away from the mind chatter so it rests the mind and lets you just be.

Meditate Simply Method 3

– Find a quiet spot to sit easily
– Tune into a sound around you. It might be the hum of the fan or traffic. Maybe a neighbour is mowing, or a clock, or the birds in the garden.
– Focus on your breath, breathe long and slow deep into your belly, slow breaths
in slow breaths out. Feel the rise and fall of your belly. Letyourself sink into your seat and legs. Notice your shoulders soften
– if your mind wanders just gently refocus on your breathe

Start by using any of these methods to meditate for around 5 minutes each day until it becomes easy and natural. The goal is to shift out of your whirling thoughts and breathe more deeply, bringing focus back into yourself. Then gradually build up the time so that you have a consistent 15 minute session.


And when you’re ready for more…

Once you feel ready you can add more specific intentions to your practice and extend the time.

Maybe you want guidance on a particular problem.

You could set the intention that you’re going to a particular place such as a forest, beach, village for a specific purpose. Maybe to meet someone, ask for guidance on a problem from a wise one or professor, the possibilities are endless.

To do this…

Sit quietly, set your intention, then breathe slow and deep and follow your intention. When finished come back into the room and feel yourself in the chair and your feet on the floor, sink back into yourself, grounded and clear.

Write in your journal of your experience. Have a drink of water and something to eat then you’re ready for your day.

An example would be…

I am going to a garden, I’ll sit on a bench and the head gardener shall come to sit with me and give me help with ideas about what herbs to grow in my garden that I can cook with and use in other ways.  Then I would sit quietly and run that through my mind as I slow my breathing and drift off to a place in my imagination where someone comes to sit on the bench beside me.

You may sit and design the garden in your mind, be able to detail everything about the gardener, or gather heaps of information. You may just know that you’ve been there. With practice you will know, see, feel, hear many things.

After meditating or sitting quietly

Your body should now feel relaxed and looser. Your mind should also feel a little fresher.


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