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In a recent conversation with my friend Tania from TheBusyMoms we were talking about clutter in your home, which led me to thinking about how to make life simpler.

It started by Tania mentioning a friend who wanted to move from the city to our smaller country town, where she would have the space for a nice home, a shed and various other things. This would also mean a change in job because of the travel distance and a pile of other complications.

Make life simpler by first decluttering your home.

It comes about that she has two sons who are moving out by the end of year and taking all their gear.

So Tania’s advice to her friend was to declutter her home first, see if she falls in love with it again, before making any other major decisions.

In this case, wait till the boys have cleared out, re organise the home to suit her and her husband, sit back and enjoy what is their space. Then see what changes she really wants to make.

Sometimes we over complicate our lives. We keep adding possessions, commitments, things that keep us busy managing them. This can create worry and busy minds.

make life simpler

When we feel dissatisfaction with our job or home we sometimes rush to change to a different job or industry, shift to a different town or bigger house thinking this will solve the dissatisfaction.

Instead if we make life simpler by stripping away (decluttering) the unnecessary parts we can see our home or job from a different perspective. This allows us to make better choices.

If we make life simpler we diminish our worries, decluttering our minds, allowing our life to flow.

So tell me – Have you made your life simpler? Is there some spot in your life or home where you’ve done a bit of decluttering? Have you noticed an increase in energy by doing so?

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