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In a recent conversation with my friend Tania from TheBusyMoms we were talking about clutter in your home, which led me to thinking about how to make life simpler.

It started by Tania mentioning a friend who wanted to move from the city to our smaller country town, where she would have the space for a nice home, a shed and various other things. This would also mean a change in job because of the travel distance and a pile of other complications.

Make life simpler by first decluttering your home.

It comes about that she has two sons who are moving out by the end of year and taking all their gear.

So Tania’s advice to her friend was to declutter her home first, see if she falls in love with it again, before making any other major decisions.

In this case, wait till the boys have cleared out, re organise the home to suit her and her husband, sit back and enjoy what is their space. Then see what changes she really wants to make.

Sometimes we over complicate our lives. We keep adding possessions, commitments, things that keep us busy managing them. This can create worry and busy minds.

make life simpler

When we feel dissatisfaction with our job or home we sometimes rush to change to a different job or industry, shift to a different town or bigger house thinking this will solve the dissatisfaction.

Instead if we make life simpler by stripping away (decluttering) the unnecessary parts we can see our home or job from a different perspective. This allows us to make better choices.

If we make life simpler we diminish our worries, decluttering our minds, allowing our life to flow.

So tell me – Have you made your life simpler? Is there some spot in your life or home where you’ve done a bit of decluttering? Have you noticed an increase in energy by doing so?

Please leave a comment and share….

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Make life simpler declutter your mind — 28 Comments

  1. Thanks, Lorelle; short and to the point but with a real-life example and context.
    This past Wednesday I cleaned out my Outbox which was down to the dregs, stuff that was difficult to make decisions on. I set a timer for 15 minutes (per the suggestion of my preferred organization system), had so much success I set it for another 15, and cleaned it out completely. (This includes putting the items in their “homes”, not just relocating the pile(s), which I have done in the past(smile)).
    It is much more helpful now to have a place to put “out” items and much less aggravating since stuff doesn’t fall on the floor if I accidentally bump it. Now I’m much more likely to keep it emptied. It was an even greater relief since it was something I had put off for months. (And much less painful than I anticipated (smile))!
    Sandra Van recently posted…4X6 "Recipe Book" refillable handmade eco conscious circa notebook by EclecticDirectionsMy Profile

    • Hi Max, with your business, I’m sure you need to be focused on results with a clear open mind, so I’m sure you feel the benefits of decluttering you apartment.

      Decluttering helps keep your mind focused on what you need to do and not on what you haven’t done.
      Lorelle recently posted…5 Blogs to follow for WomenMy Profile

  2. Cluttered space, clutter mind as the saying goes. I try to keep the surfaces in our home clear, and clutter off the floors. My husband has a “man cave” which has much more “stuff” in it than I’m comfortable with. But, I seldom go in that room – and since most of his stuff is in there, I can keep the rest of the shared living spaces pretty clutter free. Thanks for the awesome post!
    Lisa Mallis recently posted…Is the 30 Day A.W.E. Inspired Challenge for You?My Profile

  3. Wise words! We’ve rented out our home for the last 2 summers and each time I’ve had to do a massive declutter. This has been cathartic and it’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate that is utterly unnecessary. Even some of the things I just put away in the cellar for the rental period hasn’t come back out yet, 3 months later, proving how much we don’t need it! Simplifying things frees us up for sure.
    Phoebe @ Lou Messugo recently posted…Silent Sunday – 10 November 2013My Profile

  4. We have definitely decluttered our family life a lot by limiting the number of activities, they would just add stress and anxiety to everyone.
    So happy to say we are spending more time together and also our life has become calmer. I still have work to do with the house, though! 😉
    Delia @ Blog Formatting recently posted…How to embed tweets in your blogMy Profile

  5. This is very true! When we were living in Colorado, we were tired of it, and my husband proposed me to take a chance and move to Germany for 3 years, now, I really miss Colorado my friends and my old house. Hopefully we will back to the states next year!
    Remy recently posted…London New Year’s EveMy Profile

    • Hi Laura, I moved out of the family home about 10 years ago, the ex and my kids had already left. I was left to sort my own stuff and clear out theirs. It is so liberating to now live in a place and lifestyle which is much simpler. Also much easier to notice when it’s time to have a sort out as well.
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  6. This is so true Lorelle. Just by clearing out the clutter and starting with it bit by bit [rather than the overwhelming big task] can have such a powerful impact. Clear environment means clear mind. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hi Eva, just start in one spot a little at a time. Our closet can be so full of a mixture of seasonal wear, sometimes that’s a good place to start. Also it’s not always about possessions, it can just be holding everything in your mind instead of getting it out on paper.
      Lorelle recently posted…Complementary Therapies for Holistic HealthMy Profile

  7. Lorelle… you read my mind… we accumulate tons of stuff perfectly useless and it is overwhelming. Decluttering is a great way to get more vital space both at home and in the soul…

  8. Lorelle, Nice article. I think this is really true with kids too. Their lives are getting cluttered, and the family life is getting cluttered. I’ve been trying to limit activities so that we have some space and time to spend with each other and just enjoy being together as a family. I’m getting pretty good at de-cluttering my schedule. Now I just have to work on my house! 🙂