Tune into your heart and ask your question …
Then choose a picture – A, B or C and allow your magpie spirit message to flow

Magpie Spirit Message


Magpie Spirit Message A

Magpie Spirit Message

New Friends

Magpie has a gregarious, welcoming energy in many instances, and can help you to connect with others and make new friends.

But be aware of who you are inviting into your life. Be careful of attacking or gossiping about others and mindful of those who may do the same to you.

Australian magpie is well known for its territorial swooping behaviours, and as a guide this can translate to the presence of random attack or unexpected aggressive behaviour from others.

As always be true to you, be the person you want friends and co-workers to be to you. Lead by example and shine your light

Magpie Spirit Message B

Magpie Spirit Message


Australian magpie is a messenger guide, and its presence in your life whether in real life, dreams or meditation, suggests that a higher power, spirit or deity of some kind is trying to get through to you. Sometimes paying attention to the messenger is a good way to open yourself up to the greater message.

With magpie, there is an emphasis on paying attention to the beauty of song.
Magpie is quite an extroverted, accessible guide. It is more vocal and clear than many other animals and is not afraid to spiritually ‘swoop’ you to get your attention

Magpie Spirit Message C

Magpie Spirit Message


Magpie represents success. It is a successful hunter, it is successful at maintaining its territory, and it is a successful maintainer of its family unit and environment. Magpie can help to shift negative attitudes or the reluctance to embrace success.

If you wish to invite success into your life, consider meditating on the triumphant energy of the caroling magpie which is a loyal, effective and strong animal guide to have by your side.

Magpie can teach and support you with the discipline and energy needed to kickstart a project and see it through to the end.


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