Get a little guidance from your intuition using a Wisdom of the Oracle Message as you assess where you currently are so that you can make plans for the future.


Wisdom of the Oracle Message

Each Kookaburra has a message to share from the Wisdom of the Oracle. Just tune into your heart and ask your question …..

Wisdom of the Oracle Message


Wisdom of the Oracle Message A

Wisdom of the Oracle Message

Happy, Happy

This card tells of joy and contentment. A sense of fullfilment. A feeling that all is well.

There’s times when you feel good about who you’re with and you know that your heart is wide open … to befriend, to love, to care for another, without wanting anything in return. This is the kind of happy you want to share.

This type of joy and contentment is present for you right now, not off in the future.

Take pride in your accomplishments. You’re doing good work with exceptional service and being compensated well. The world rains gratitude on you with the results of your efforts and creativity. Remember your partnership with Spirit in this moment too.

Your happiness is a result of being one with Spirit’s plan for your life. Enjoy it well!


Wisdom of the Oracle Message B

Wisdom of the Oracle Message

All That Glitters

There’s a need to see beyond the superficial, beyond trying to be something you’re not, chasing every sparkly new thing.

Sometimes we try to be something we’re not to impress others. We embellish a story a bit, adding some dramatic elements to make us more appealing. Then there are times we don’t See the value of someone because they don’t have the glamour that seems so desirable. Use the eyes in your heart to see beyond the glitter and look for the inner glow.

Sometimes an opportunity looks so good that it glitters and you can’t resist it. You can deplete yourself chasing after the latest shiny thing that has caught your eye. What others have achieved may not be true success, so don’t compare yourself. Instead look below the surface to your own true value.
Be assured you will experience your own shining moment if you stick to what you know

Learn to recognise the masks people wear and the motives behind them.


Wisdom of the Oracle Message C

Wisdom of the Oracle Message


Neutral observation from a distance.
There are times when you need distance in order to gain perspective and understand your circumstances from a neutral point.

Feelings can get all jumbled up. You hear one thing when the person has said another. It can be like an echo from the past. Take time out before you react. Step back, have faith in your connection and trust that you can come together on this.

See you work and projects from a different perspective. Connect to the goals and aspirations while letting the form and timing be dictated by Spirit. You may be too personally attached to an outcome.

Illumination is what you seek.



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