Tune into your heart, ask for guidance then choose a picture – A, B or C for your Keepers of the Light Rain Message

Keepers of the Light Rain Message


Keepers of the Light Rain Message A

Keepers of the Light Rain Message

The Divine Director

The Divine Director works directly with the guardian angels so they can fulfill their role. Right now your guardian angels are reminding you that your divine purpose on Earth is to remember love and what makes you happy.

You are becoming aware of a particular sense of purpose in your life. It’s something that brings you pleasure easily and naturally rather than having to push and strive hard for it to work.

Today the Divine Director is reminding you to tap into what gives you pleasure and purpose, simply and easily? Your career or work can complement this purpose but does not define it. The path you are currently on is right for you and you’re being encouraged to move forward with purpose.

Keepers of the Light Rain Message B

Keepers of the Light Rain Message


Gaia is mother earth. She holds the planet in her hands and heart. She loves protects and guides all beings, animals and plants here on earth.

Today Gaia is reminding you to stay grounded. Don;t let your imagination, ego or fears run away with you. You are a strong focused and loving individual. Ensure your choices are for the highest good.

Gaia is bringing you motherly love to cocoon you in a circle of peace.

Keepers of the Light Rain Message C

Keepers of the Light Rain Message

The Myriam

The Myriam hold sacred vision. They heal grievances of all kinds, including those created by religion.

The Myriam are here to remind you that you are loved beyond words. Choose to see the divine in everyone and everything around you. Choose to see the light of the world and use your sacred vision in healing and forgiveness.

Forgive yourself first for your mistakes and let the past heal. Fill yourself with Divine Light and go forwards from here safe in the knowledge you are surrounded by the love and support of your angel guides.


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