In these changing times you’re being asked to shine your light for others. Often we don’t know where to start…..

Which of these Keeper of the Light messages if for You?

Tune into your heart as you look at the Lighthouses and ask for direction from your inner guidance on how you can shine Your Light more naturally

Which Lighthouse calls your attention and focus. You may be drawn to more than one. If so make note of their order so you can read the messages in that order

keeper of the light message


Keeper of the Light Messages A

keeper of the light messages Quan Yin

Quan Yin

Choose to be love. Do what is right for everyone involved. Offer a helping hand

We want to acknowledge all the service and commitment you have offered to others.

If you are finding it difficult with anyone at the moment the best way you can move forwards is to go beyond wanting to understand why or how they are. Just move beyond their behaviour, mistakes and challenges.

This card brings the message of friendship and care, helping you see those around you as having the best intentions.

Shine your light of care and compassion

Keeper of the Light Messages B

keeper of the light messages Faith


Stay calm. Trust the good in yourself and others. See the light in the world.

Stay calm and breathe. You may be going through personal transformations and feel you’re not getting anywhere but Archangel Faith is drawing near to guide you through the limitations fear has created for you.

First trust yourself, then you will recognise who and what to trust in your surroundings.

When you do this and recognise that you are made of love, you will attract those who reflect that love and can enjoy true friendships. Know that good is here to stay.

Shine your light of humanity and benevolence

Keeper of the Light Messages C

keeper of the light messages Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

Rise up. Honour your inner force. Steps are being given. Dance with the universe.

Lord Shiva is with you now to awaken your sense of connection to life itself. As you move through this transition things will be clearer from this point. You will know exactly what you need to do and where you need to be

This is a powerful time as you transcend the limitations others have put upon you.

It is a time of innovation, ideas, stargazing and soul traveling. Lord Shiva is here to lead the way

Shine your light of transcendence


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