Is it time to burn your Journal

It might be time to burn your journal and start again with a fresh one or at least pull out some pages.

I see many comments on social media advising others to journal their problems. So today I thought I’d write about what journaling means to me.

Firstly we’ll look at what the word Journal actually means. This is the dictionary meaning.

Journal – a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use : diary

burn your journal

Are you really purging

Purge – rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition.

When you take pen to paper and write about your feelings the energy of those emotions are going into the words you use. You may be tearful, or angry as you pour out your memories onto the paper. So do you really want to hold onto this pain or are you wanting to dispose of it?

When you pour your heart out into your journal you’re putting those words and feelings into a place you hold onto. You put that anger or despair between the pages of happier times. That energy flows through that journal.

What to do instead of journaling

Take some loose paper. Write it all out. Purge those emotional hurts. Scream and rant into the paper. Write that letter of abuse.

And when you’re done Burn it and if you have this type of writing in your journal then its time to Burn your journal too

Get yourself a pretty ceramic pot that doesn’t have a hole in it. I use mine outside on the patio. Then I use a long handled barbecue lighter and burn those sheets of paper in my burning pot. Watch the smoke, it can tell you alot. Is it clean or thick and smelly. Does the paper burn easily and quickly. Or do you have to relight it. Make sure you burn all bits of the paper whether it has words on it or not. If its being stubborn say some releasing words. Release the feelings from your heart.

After you burn your journal write it this way

Begin a writing practice. Get a pretty book. Doodle, sketch and draw as you write about your day, your experiences, your creative ideas.

What you write or say you attract. So write from a positive perspective. This still keeps a record of your personal growth without the heavy emotions.

“I’m feeling more peaceful today after releasing some emotions around a situation thats been bothering me ….. “

Journaling does help you gain clarity in your thoughts and beliefs as you reflect upon your day.

If your thoughts begin with a worry switch to some loose paper and keep writing. Write out the worry then let it lead you to a better thought and a better one and a better one. After a little while you will have written yourself out of the worry. Put those sheets aside ready to burn. Then you can return to your journal.

Once you switch to keeping your purging separate to your journaling you will never need to burn your journal again.

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