As the world around you begins to reopen what do you want for yourself?
What are your next steps, what do you need to know to make your own plans

Each DOG has an intuitive message to share. Just tune into your heart and ask your question …

Intuitive messages


Intuitive Message from Dog A

Intuitive Message delivered by your dog

You are Lovable

You have been created perfectly. Everything about your true self is beautiful. Maybe in the past you had relationship troubles because you tried to be someone else. You became a false image of yourself.

The Angels say the only person others can truly love is the real you.
So if you’re already in a relationship your level of trust and romance will increase. If you’re seeking a partner camellia will help find your perfect match.

In both situations first you need to recognise who you true self is and love who You are

Intuitive Message from Dog B

Intuitive Message delivered by your dog

World Energy

The earth is going through a transition of energy and your sensitive body is feeling it. There are world events happening right now that are causing you physical and emotional discomfort. You’re not alone, accept the help of others

The earth is continually going through transitions which are natural processes of growth. As population demands change, so do the needs of the planet.

Agapanthus is here to help the shift. You’re very connected to the Earth so lend Mother Nature a helping hand

Intuitive Message from Dog C

Intuitive Message delivered by your dog

New Idea

Your new idea is divinely guided and is meant to be shared with others. Continue this work as you are on the right path.

Trust in the guidance you receive and keep moving in directions that feel right. Trust those feelings and set a schedule to complete the project.

Share this planned schedule with a trusted friend to stay accountable and rule out procrastination. You have greatness within that is trying to emerge


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