What’s your human design energy type?

What’s your human design energy type?

Human design takes personality tests and astrology to a new level. It gives a roadmap of your individual energy determined from your moment of birth. From this bodygraph we can gather information that helps you change aspects of your life.

The bodygraph helps us to determine what old beliefs and emotions you need to release from your energy to help you create a better life and better relationships. This helps you focus on the areas you need for your inner work.

The human design bodygraph is a map. It shows an imprint from the 12 planets at two points in time. One at 88 degrees of the Sun before we are born, and the other at the instant of our actual, physical birth.

Within that map are 9 energy centers connected to each other by gates which are the hexagrams from I’Ching. One of the 6 lines of I’Ching  and a gate are attached to each planet. This combination shows who you uniquely are.

Human design looks at energy types in a new way. It starts with just four types before it branches out into your particular inner guidance and energy centres.

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So what are the energy types?

The innovator gets the ball rolling with their ideas and projects.

The builders respond and take action to complete the details and work. They are the creators and experts in every field.

Advisors understand people and situations, they’re the managers, consultants and teachers from who guidance is requested.

Evaluators assess everything around them over time. They’re the quality control people and networkers who see the best ways for things to fit together.

These roles are not necessarily your job title. They’re more about HOW you use your energy to interact with other people in all areas of life.

What’s your human design energy type?

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