Getting to Know Yourself Again

Getting to Know Yourself

Getting to Know Yourself again can be quite an in depth process for some of us. As a caring sensitive woman you often give over your needs because of your innate self . Often its not because of any one person or situation. You take on roles, Daughter, Mother, Wife, Friend,Volunteer, Worker. You become so busy being, you lose who you are.

There comes a time when you need to return to yourself, your innate wisdom to guide you through your next steps in life. To do this it feels like you’re getting to know yourself again. Who you are, what you believe, what you want to do. Often this is a transitional point in your life. Maybe you’re changing jobs, kids have started working, you’ve been through divorce or moved house.

getting to know yourself

Getting to Know Yourself again starts with returning to your core values and beliefs. These also change and develop over time as your family grows or your life interests change. So it is worthwhile to sit with a big list of values like this one  and narrow down what is important to you into a umbrella group of 3 – 5. You may be attracted to others but if you look at the deeper meaning of each you may find some are extensions of others. These can easily be tucked under one of your core values.

Next evaluate how these values are currently showing up in your life or not. When you’re getting to know yourself and your beliefs, by seeing how they are already being expressed in your life or being blocked can you give some direction for changes you want to make. When you have spent a long time following the mandates set by your workplace or community expectations it can be an eye opener to really bring what you believe back to yourself.

Once you have decided your core values as you get to know yourself again you can make decisions based on your values. When looking at a new workplace or something you are asked to do you can compare it your values and how it fits in with you. This may be a new concept as we often spend our lives fitting into the plans of someone else. So it’s time to turn that around and make your own plan in which everything else needs to fit you.

When you’re getting to know yourself again you replace the needs of others with your own needs. As you tune inward you listen to your emotions and the message they hold. Your inner guidance or GPS system is activated. When you move through life being true to yourself, whilst being mindful of others, you operate from a place of clarity, calm and wisdom. This is important to improve your careers, finances, health, relationships and emotional wellbeing.

It takes time to reinvent yourself, to reassess what you value, to make choices, to be confident in who you are that’s why I offer Dimensional Reiki in a package of three sessions to get you started. Let me know here how I can help you

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