Tune into your heart, ask for guidance then choose a Hut at the Beach for your Flower Therapy Oracle Hut Message

Flower Therapy Oracle Hut message


Flower Therapy Oracle Hut Message A

Flower Therapy Oracle Hut Message
Orange Lily – Uplift Your Thoughts

Focus your attention on the many blessings that surround you.

Your thoughts have the power to create your reality. Keeping your thoughts positive can be easier said then done. Let go of any thoughts around imperfections, instead view them as uniqueness or special qualities. Choose to accept yourself as you are so that you can be true to yourself.

Focus on peaceful calming thoughts as you build your self confidence and let go of excess baggage or depression

Flower Therapy Oracle Hut Message B

Flower Therapy Oracle Hut Message
Yellow Rose – Balance work rest and play

It’s important for you to have fun along with fulfilling your responsibilities.

While its great to check off your to do list its important to find joy along the way as part of the experience. Look at your schedule and create greater balance.

When you’re refreshed you are better able to focus and you complete your work more efficiently.

Take this as permission to make time just for you with no hidden agenda. Nothing is as important as finding joy.

Flower Therapy Oracle Hut Message C

Flower Therapy Oracle Hut Message
Calendula – You are Healed

The healing you’ve prayed for is on its way. Assistance is coming. Positive changes are being created to make your healing as powerfully effective as can be.

You’re being guided to the perfect modality and practitioner at the most opportune time.

This healing goes deep within your soul, nourishing and nurturing you from inside out, giving you greater vitality.

You’re with the perfect practitioner, listen to the advice you’re given and put it into action, your aura is healing.


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