Feeling Stressed Use 5 Principles of Reiki

When we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed it can be very difficult to use positive language to help us get past it.

Use the Reiki Principlesfeeling stressed create just for today mantras to give you direction

The 5 Principles of Reiki  are built around “Just for Today”.





Using Reiki Principles with crystals help us focus on positive thoughts and speech to create change in our lives.

When feeling stressed concentrating on just one principle, one day at a time you have the opportunity to make real change.

The Reiki Principles help you take responsibility for your own health and well being and can help start your day with positive, uplifting thoughts, shifting our focus away from the worries around us.

You can create your own Just For Today messages to help you break out of a cycle of stress. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed we can only take one day at a time, anything more just stresses us further.

Children can also be stressed by events around them, so it can be very helpful to teach them to recognise how they feel and then to create a positive statement they can use to help release their worries.

Just for Today I release all worry around school

Just for Today I will work well

Just for Today I will be tidy

Just for Today I will eat well

When we can acknowledge and respond to our feelings we can support the emotional development of the children around us, so they can recognise, understand and manage their emotions.

“When children learn to manage their emotions they are also better able to manage their behaviour”


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