What are your inner signs of feeling balanced

What Makes You Feel Balanced?

Feeling balanced is a sense of confidence in how your life is flowing. It’s a feeling that comes from within you. It doesn’t rely on what others think of you, or what you do for them. It’s knowing who you are, what you want in life and what steps to take to get there without the need to tread on anyone else. You feel aligned with your work and the people around you.

Feeling Balanced – Life Flows!

Balance occurs when work and all aspects of your life mix in a way that is comfortable for you. Your life feels smooth. You feel confident in your ability to tackle change or develop new skills. As challenges arise you are able to work through solutions without being overwhelmed.

We get so busy with work, family and home we often complicate our lives unnecessarily relying on external influences to validate our feelings of success and satisfaction in life.

When you are stressing or worrying about things you are being pulled away from your core self. So its important to know both your signposts for feeling balanced as well as the signs that you need to return to your core being and make changes.

woman enjoying her run feeling balanced and carefree

List of Ways You May Feel Balanced

Here’s the thing! Your signs for feeling balanced could be totally different to someone else’s. I suggest that you have 3 main signs that show you that your life is in alignment. This list will give you some ideas.

  • There’s space for thinking creatively
  • You sleep easily and well
  • You have time for exercise and healthy eating
  • You have regular “down” time with others
  • If you don’t get something done it doesn’t matter
  • You spend time to just “be”
  • You’re comfortable with the pace in your life and the pace has variety
  • You’re free of guilt or sense of obligation
  • You have enough challenge/pressure for buzz but not overwhelm
  • You feel you have choices
  • You’re in charge, with a sense of direction
  • You’re organised
  • You’re able to say No with grace
  • If something unexpected pops up you have the energy and focus to deal with it, it’s a bump not a blockage
  • You laugh, feel, talk, cry – express emotions without over reacting
  • You go to bed feeling satisfied, thankful and positive about tomorrow


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