What does feeling balanced mean for you

Feeling balanced is a sense of confidence in how your life is flowing. It’s a feeling that comes from within you. It doesn’t rely on what others think of you, or what you do for them. It’s knowing who you are, the essence of you, what you want in life and what steps to take to get there without the need to tread on anyone else.

Feeling Balanced – Life Flows!

Balance occurs when work and all aspects of your life mix in a way that is comfortable for you. Your life feels smooth. You feel confident in your ability to tackle change or develop new skills. As challenges arise you work through solutions.

We get so busy with work, family and home we often complicate our lives unnecessarily relying on external influences to validate our feelings of success and satisfaction in life.

Feeling balanced is attained when we reclaim our sense of self identity. We learn to tap into our internal wisdom and use our intuition to guide our choices.

Feeling balanced

Lets take a look at what feeling balanced means for you

  • There’s space for thinking creatively
  • You sleep easily and well
  • You have time for exercise and healthy eating
  • You have regular “down” time with others
  • If you don’t get something done it doesn’t matter
  • You spend time to just “be”
  • You’re comfortable with the pace in your life and the pace has variety
  • You’re free of guilt or sense of obligation
  • You have enough challenge/pressure for buzz but not overwhelm
  • You feel you have choices
  • You’re in charge, with a sense of direction
  • You’re organised
  • You’re able to say No with grace
  • If something unexpected pops up you have the energy and focus to deal with it, it’s a bump not a blockage
  • You laugh, feel, talk, cry – express emotions without over reacting
  • You go to bed feeling satisfied, thankful and positive about tomorrow

“Clarity enhances Serenity”

Are you struggling with self doubt, feeling left out or unappreciated? Just Contact Me!

So Tell Me – What does feeling balanced mean for you? What is your sign that you need to return to your core being and make changes?

Please leave a comment and share….

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What does feeling balanced mean for you — 13 Comments

  1. I’ve learned that life will never flow easily, and that there will always be twists and turns. Some will be expected, and others will come out of no where. It’s just the journey of life.
    But there are plenty of ways to make the journey easier and to feel balanced. Love the tips Lorelle!
    Keri Kight recently posted…It’s Fear Breakthrough TimeMy Profile

  2. A challenging question indeed! Finding balance is one of those daring things we have to face daily. I have found that the sense of balance turns into inner peace & strength to say “no” and don’t feel guilty about it. It helps by rearranging priorities everyday, not heeding into those urgent demands that pop out. Great check list to review and keep handy.
    Delmy recently posted…Embracing Lifestyle ChangeMy Profile

  3. Sometimes I find hard on my self to feel balanced on my life. I guess because we struggle with many situations, that sometimes I just worry to mucho. One thing that can trigger my emotions is lack of sleep, when I’m stress out. Consequently, I don’t feel balanced. Takes time to correct those things you need to change in our lives.
    Remy recently posted…Play – Doh Hasbro Save $1.00My Profile