Why Do I Feel Energy Drained Around Certain People? Here’s Why


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When it comes to using chakra energy to get more balance and purpose in their lives … people in my audience often have a 💥 BURNING question:

Why do I feel energy drained around certain people?

You’re looking forward to attending a craft workshop to learn some new. You’re feeling excited, eager to spend some time on your hobby and meeting new people but instead of it being fun and relaxing you find you can’t concentrate.

Your brain is tired, you get cranky at yourself because you can’t make your fingers do that simple technique that’s being shown. All you can hear is that lady at the other end of the table complaining to her friend.

I hear you! I’ve experienced this many times too.

So in this blog post, I’m going to share the top three reasons I find that cause people to feel energy drained … and give you three steps you can take to counteract them.

Our goal here is to set you up with an understanding of what is happening in the energy in your environment ….

Reason 1: The People you spend time with have a low vibration

Reason 2: The people you spend time with are going through some issues

Reason 3: Residual energy in places and buildings


So let’s delve into both of those more fully!


Reason 1: The People you spend time with have a low vibration

There are people who tend to be a pain to be around. They tend to gossip and judge other people’s ideas or behaviour. Maybe they continually laugh at other people’s expense. Everything is a joke… not!

Then there’s the dramatic ones, everything is a catastrophe. They are negative, always complaining, finding fault with just about everyone and everything in their lives.

Or the demanding, persistent one, being unable to take no for an answer. Always wanting someone else to do things for them or take the blame.

It seems like no matter where we work or socialise there is always someone who is persistently negative in their attitude to life.

Being around persistently dominant emotions like anger, ridicule and gossip can clog your energy system leaving you feeling anxious, fearful or energy drained.


Reason 2: The people you spend time with are going through some issues

From time to time people go through some emotional stuff. Disappointments happen, changes occur. Even though some changes like a new home or job are exciting they can also be challenging.

All these emotions, through the full range from anger, grief, frustration, boredom, excitement, happiness and more, are energy.

Just like you, as they work through whatever is happening for them those emotions and their energy either gets processed or clogged.

It can sit in their aura ready to share as they go about their day, spilling over into the buildings they enter, and onto the people who walk through their aura.


Reason 3: Residual energy in places and buildings

Shared space like homes, workplaces, stairwells, shopping centres can retain the negative stagnant energy that passes through them.

This is why just being at work can make you feel energy drained, tired, depleted.

Now this stagnant energy can be absolutely anything from emotions, to illness, to behaviour. It can also be as simple as not enough natural airflow.

So how does this happen …

When people are having emotional problems they take that energy with them to work and everywhere else they go.

When people have dominant low vibrational energy they are continually blasting that energy out into their environment.

When you go into the shared areas of a building, the elevator, stairwells, corridors may have been passed through by any number of people who’ve been having a bad day.

They drop bits of that energy as they go and it all collects together.

These closed off areas don’t have fresh air flow so the stagnant energy just keeps accumulating. When other people like those that are having pretty good days pass through they can collect this energetic debris and take it with them.

The more debris they collect throughout their day the more their feet are dragging by the end of the day.

Now if a shop or café is set up with “good energy” it attracts similar energy. These are the places that feel really welcoming and relaxing to be in. In these places someone having a bad day is more likely to be lifted up by being here.

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So What Does This Tell Us About Feeling Energy Drained?

Our chakras emit a vibration that bumps up against other energy in our surroundings. If it bumps against a more dominant energy then it will adjust to match.

This is of benefit when its a happy, cheerful energy as it will increase your own vibration. Otherwise it can bring you down a notch or two.

Some people are naturally more open energetically than others. We call this being sensitive or empathic. By being open sensitive people absorb the energy of others. This can be thoughts or emotions.

What Can You Do to keep your energy clear?

Get into the habit of scanning your own energy each morning.

This tells you what your energy is doing, what it feels like, what discomfort is yours. Then throughout the day scan for any changes so you can clear other people’s energetic debris regularly.

Call your own energy back to you regularly throughout the day.

If you are sensitive your energy goes outward with every interaction you have, everyone phone call, conversation, email you read, song you sing along with. You empathise and leave a little bit of yourself with each one. By the end of the day you’re exhausted and still worrying over something you were helping a customer with at the beginning of the day.

In this way you start to develop intentional habits that bring more balance to your life.

So, there you have it! … The three reasons I suggest that cause you to feel energy drained around certain people and what you can do to keep your energy clear!

And, remember…


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