So Far in the Colour Series

Colour Series

Colour Influence for your health, life and surroundings

You react automatically to colour. It is constant in your life. You take it for granted. Colour influences your thoughts and social behaviour. Colour influences your health and relationships. You cannot live without the light which contains all colour.

Chakra Colours and Location

Chakra Colours

by Gil Dekel

So Far in the Colour Series

Colour Red

Base Chakra – RED helps us feel vibrant and energized, ready for action.
The colour Red calls us into action!

Be expressive with the Colour Orange

Sacral Chakra – ORANGE we are vivacious, joyful and expressive
Orange is the colour of life, love and joy!

Colour Yellow Brings in the Light

Solar Plexus – YELLOW is bright, spacious and positive.
The colour Yellow allows us to be peaceful and centred!

The Colour Green is Serene and Soothing

Heart Chakra – GREEN helps us with balance and harmony.
The colour Green is rejuvenating!

Colour Blue allows you to communicate well

Our Throat chakra – BLUE it is cool, relaxing, non-threatening.
The colour Blue allows you to communicate well!

Enhance your Intuition with Colour Indigo

Our Third Eye – INDIGO strengthens our intuition, imagination, psychic powers, and increases dream activity.
The colour Indigo opens our intuitiveness!


Join Me – next in series is VIOLET

So Tell Me – Have you been reading the colour series? Have you started looking at colour differently, noticed any influences from colour?

Please leave a comment and share….

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So Far in the Colour Series — 7 Comments

  1. Being an artist I know that color is so important in everything we do. I find that looking at blue makes me feel so calm. And I use it in a lot of my work.