Tune into your heart, ask for guidance then choose a picture – A, B or C for your Enchanted Map Oracle Butterfly Message

Enchanted Map Oracle Butterfly


Enchanted Map Oracle Butterfly A

Enchanted Map Oracle Butterfly

A lesson truly learned is crystallised as earned wisdom. You have all you need for the success you seek.

Wisdom allows you to recognise traps and familiar patterns which you wish to avoid. It helps you to gather the information you need along with the allies you wish to assist you on your path.

You’re ready to use this wisdom to make the best choices possible. So stand still and make your request then use your wisdom to filter out any distractions. Then make your choices clear in the knowledge that you can’t go wrong

Enchanted Map Oracle Butterfly B

Enchanted Map Oracle Butterfly
Ride The Wave

Right now success is easy and effortless.

You’re entering a time where you can ride the wave of abundance. Everything you know together with your talents, hopes and dreams will carry you forward.
Know that you’re definitely on your right path.

People and opportunities will come forward from the ocean of possibilities in a seemingly effortless wave. Recognise the opportunities as they appear and give thanks for their arrival. Use your own discretion in choosing which ones to pursue.

Enchanted Map Oracle Butterfly C

Enchanted Map Oracle Butterfly

Deliberate clear intentions have the power to change your world.
Your objectives will be fulfilled at this time. Inspired intentions are like magical arrows shot into the sky. You’re not the one who has to do all the work. Others help co-create reality.

You connect to the power of your intention, send it out into the world and allow synchronicity to work its magic. Own the life you want to lead, and live deliberately, with clarity and detachment.


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