Are you listening to Your Emotions

Are you listening to Your Emotions and the story they tell?

“Emotions are a core of energy keeping the energetic attachments of memories in place.”

Emotions are the source from which imbalances occur!

We all experience Emotions. Some of them are beneficial. Some emotions give you your passion and drive, allowing you to create your dreams.

Other emotions keep you locked into recurring patterns which are no longer useful to you. By bringing balance to your Emotions you are able to respond to others rather than reacting. This creates better relationships.

Are you listening to Your Emotions, paying attention to those feelings of disappointment or satisfaction that keep you stuck or lead you forward?

Each part of your Being is capable of holding onto emotional trauma. Both written and spoken emotions are equally powerful in how they effect your Being. Often we have forgotten the situation which created the trauma, or maybe we thought it was no longer an issue. But the residual emotions can still be in place causing havoc.

emotions are core energySo what happens with these emotions when you don’t Release them?

Emotions can take over situations, leaving you feeling without a sense of control. Sometimes they are suppressed or buried, surfacing as a reaction to someone or a situation. Often you don’t even know why you react that way.

Basic Emotions

All can be put into two groups. Love based or fear based emotions. Love based ones lift and inspire us. Fear based feelings can be very debilitating. They diminish our self worth, can cause fatigue and physical health issues.

When fear dominates, your relationships suffer, your health suffers, you may feel lost, lonely or worthless.

When you live from the heart expressing your love and gratitude in life, you feel happy, inspired and worthy. You’re able to sort through challenges as they arise and feel satisfied with your solutions.

Balanced Emotions

As you work at releasing old traumas and feelings you will find that you experience emotions differently. They will be less explosive or sudden. They will be much milder, easier to assess and let go. You will respond to situations differently. You will feel lighter and more balanced.  You will understand yourself and your needs better. Your relationships will be smoother. You will express your feelings and expectations more easily.

So Tell Me – Is there some past emotional trauma stuck in your energy? Something you’ve been working on but are still struggling with? How have you been able to move forward emotionally?

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