Colour Influence for your health, life and surroundings

You react automatically to colour. It is constant in your life. You take it for granted. Colour influences your thoughts and social behaviour. Colour influences your health and relationships. You cannot live without the light which contains all colour.

Colour healing is a part of a wide variety of healing methods. Each colour having a specific vibration. Colour influences our thoughts and social behaviour, our health and relationships

Each chakra within your body is associated with a particular colour. Your Aura can express the colour changes within your body. You may speak of  colour  to express your feelings. Red with rage, feeling blue, green with envy, in the pink. Possibly you are responding to the colour within your own or other people’s auras.

Meditations can be aided by colour visualisation either on it’s own or associated with chakras.

Colour Therapy itself is also a healing modality. Colour is used to bring about changes in mood and emotions for positive energy to flow into your life.

Colour influences in your life

Colour influence in home decorating creates a particular style or mood. Relaxing and serene, more open, cheerful or exciting. Colour can transform a drab ordinary space into an lively one. Look around you at the colours in your room.  Is it busy, demanding your attention, relaxing and inviting, or bland without character? How does it make you feel?

Clothes allow you to express yourself through your choice of colour. The colours you wear reveal alot about you. Colour should be a natural symbol of your personality. When the colours are right, you express more confidence than when they clash. When determining your  colouring, you start with your skin, eyes and hair. Most colour systems work with four colour sets. When you know which set you belong to you can make colour choices to portray specific moods such as fun, trust, reliability, intellectual etc

Join me as we delve further into colours and their meanings over the next few posts

So tell me – how do you react to colour? How do you feel when wearing your favourite colour?

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Colour Influence for your health, life and surroundings — 18 Comments

  1. I’m 60 and I notice that my taste in color (what I wear) has changed tremendously over the last many years. As a young adult I favored blacks, blues and purples. In middle age, I started gravitating towards brown but kept the lack and purple. Now, I wear a lot of red, yellow and even green – colors I never wore when I was younger. Why, I wonder?
    Alana recently posted…Fall Fancies – The First TurningsMy Profile

    • Alana do you feel your colours have changes in line with skin or hair colour changes. In earlier years I would dye my hair rich browns or deep reds, so my clothes colours were much different to now. I’ve gone silver and wear mostly blue and purples now.

  2. Happy October 1st! Visiting from the UBC and Facebook!

    I especially love bright colors right now, because fall in Maine means glorious foliage in crisp red, orange, and yellow, all contrasting with the evergreens and the bright blue sky.

    In my home, however, hubby and I painted every room in the house during the summer of 2012 in shades of blue and green, with neutral colors for ceiling, doors, window casings, and trim. I love it. Feels very warm and comfortable to me.

    Thanks for an interesting post! 🙂
    K.Lee Banks recently posted…Happy October 1st!My Profile

    • Hi Barbara, blue is also a favourite of mine too but chose a soft green for variety a few years back and love it, so easy to live with

  3. Great post! I know that I react to particular colors well, and I believe that others do, too. I am definitely drawn to blues and lighter purples, periwinkle being my favorite right now. We painted our baby’s room a light blue because it is a soothing color and it evokes a sense of calm.
    Bonnie a.k.a. LadyBlogger recently posted…Blog Hop Time!My Profile

    • Hi Bonnie, calming colours for a baby’s room are essential. There’s been studies done on room colours and how they effect us. We’ll look into that more in future Colour posts

  4. I don’t have a favourite colour, I ‘d rather say that I have favourite colour combinations-palette, especially when it comes to clothes… When I wear my fav colours I feel much more comfortable and elegant…

    • Lisa, I think alot of us have neutral calming tones in our homes with accents of fun. It looks like you’ve found the clothing colours that work for you. That red does look fabulous on you too!

    • Caroline, I hope you do join me for the series as we look at how colour can influence you. It’ll be interesting to see what subtle changes colour can produce.