The Colour Green is Serene and Soothing

Colour Influence is the first in a series where we look at colour in our life. Next we took a basic look at chakras.

Over the next few posts we’ll look at the 7 chakra coloursas well as white and black. Each chakra colour has influence on a physical, emotional and mental level. We’ll also see how the colour is reflected in our clothes and décor. Our last colour was Yellow the Solar Plexus.

Today we’re looking at the colour GREEN     

The colour Green is rejuvenating!The   Heart chakra is in the Center of the chest, just above our heart. It’s colour is GREEN.

  • Physically –  This chakra is connected with the functioning of the heart. Seen as the colour of life, rejuvenation and refreshment. A healthy GREEN chakra would reveal plenty of outgoing energy. It works on heart and chest conditions.
  • Emotionally – It reveals you are understanding and cooperative. You seek harmony and balance in life. You are likely to be less concerned with yourself and more about sharing with others.  A healthy expression of the heart chakra shows an appreciation of the simple things in life. You feel contented. You value what you have. On the negative side you are too reserved or cautious. Quite possibly you are emotionally saddened.
  • Mentally – You enjoy what life has to offer. You are confident of a constant supply of basic needs like money, food and emotional support. The other side is where life is unfair. You see yourself as a helpless victim.

The colour Green is rejuvenating!

Visualization and Meditation with GREEN

Use the colour Green in meditation visualisation techniques where you let Green wash over and around you. This helps you feel harmonious, protective and accepted.

Psychological Effects of the colour GREEN in Clothes

Green helps people create calm soothing atmospheres. It stands for harmony and equilibrium. In clothing it reflects conventional types, those who don’t want to stand out.

Wear Green to feel calm, cautious and secure!

The colour GREEN in Décor

Green is a soothing colour which imitates natural surroundings. Lighter shades work well in kitchens. As green is a calming colour it can be used to help neutralise tension. Great for hospital wards and operating theatres. A lot of stage theatres have a green room for performers to relax before a show. Darker greens over large areas can have a draining effect. If you find it hard to get going, you shouldn’t surround yourself with green.

Green calms and relaxes!

Conclusion – the colour GREEN helps us with balance and harmony.

Join me next time as we have a look at Blue

So tell me – How does Green feel?

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