Colour Black has Transformational Energy

Colour Influence is the first in a series where we look at colour in our life. Next we took a basic look at chakras.

Over the next few posts we’ll look at the 7 chakra colours as well as white and black. Each chakra colour has influence on a physical, emotional and mental level. We’ll also see how the colour is reflected in our clothes and décor. The last in this series was White  

Today we’re looking at the colour BLACK  

Black is the absence of all colour. It absorbs all aspects of light. People suffering from low self esteem may use Black to hide their true feelings away from others. Care should be taken in using Black as too much of the colour in clothing and decor can be draining and depressing. It takes only a little black to keep grounded.

To soak up the protective energies of the colour black stand under a clear night sky in the new moon.

Visualization and Meditation with BLACK

Black isn’t a colour that you would traditionally meditate with. Darkness though is an energy. You could use Black as the darkness of night from which light, love and hope springs forth.

To soak up the protective and transformational energies of the colour black stand under a clear night sky in the new moon phase. Feel this colour protecting and ridding negativity.

Psychological Effects of the colour BLACK in Clothes

In most western societies Black is the colour of death, grief and penitence. Worn by business people to demonstrate power and authority. Black is accepted as being dark and mysterious, sexy and untouchable. Black can be seen as intimidating so team it with another colour to combine positive aspects of each.

Black is the colour of transformation. You may be drawn to Black during times of great change throughout your life.

Wear Black to create an air of mystery, sophistication and elegance!

The colour BLACK in Décor

Black absorbs light. It is the most effective to contract space. It is a heavy energy and not easy to live with. Use in small amounts particularly to highlight woodwork or furniture. Too much Black can create a stagnate or negative environment.

Black contracts space!

Conclusion – the colour BLACK can be dark, mysterious, sophisticated, draining, depressive. Balance with other colours.

Join me – next time as we put it all together.

So tell me – How does BLACK feel? Do you find it depressing? Do you wear it as a power colour?

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