Shifting energy by cleansing and clearing your home simply

Cleansing and clearing your home of stale energy sets you and family up for a great start to the New Year. I cleansed my home yesterday so I thought I would share my simple method with you.

Christmas is a time when you often have visitors who don’t normally come to your home. They bring their energy with them. This contains their own stresses and concerns, emotions and disappointments as well as their laughter and cheer. Christmas is a time of gift giving so there are also alot of new items coming into your home.

Cleansing and clearing your home of the energy of the year just gone gives you space for better things to come.

Cleansing and clearing your home

So what steps are there to cleansing and clearing your home?

Firstly take stock of the good and give thanks for what you have. Really feel the thankfulness within your heart. The joy of giving, being thankful for your home, loved ones, all the things you enjoy. This tells the universe what you want more of.

Next invite your divine helpers to help you. These are your angels, guides, house fairies, reiki energy etc whatever fits for you.

I tune into my heart and say something like ” Guides please be with me and as I physically clean my home let us clear and cleanse all spaces of stale energy no longer needed so we make energetic space for laughter and joy” Then I feel energy come through to my hands ready to use.

Cleansing and clearing your home is as easy as setting the intention to do so. As you work keep the intention of clearing away energetic dust with everything else you do.

Then begin cleansing and clearing your home just like you normally would

  • Strip the bed linens and towels for family and visitors
  • Clear out all gift wrapping, boxes, rubbish etc so it’s all in designated outside area ready for disposal
  • Clear away any dirty dishes
  • Pick up anything on the floors
  • Open windows and let air flow
  • Start from the ceilings with a broom. Run the broom around the cornices, down the wall corners and along the floor skirtings sweeping away dust, cobwebs and energetic dust.
  • Wipe all surfaces such as tables, benches, throughout the house.
  • Clean bathrooms and toilets
  • Finish with vacuuming and washing floors

shifting energy

As you clean you might also like to use a diffuser with cleansing fragrances such as tea tree or pine. Once you’ve finished use a room spray such as Lemongrass and ginger to promote an uplifted, alive atmosphere.

Cleansing and clearing your home isn’t just for the end of the year. Other beneficial times to shift the energy in your home are flu season or other illness, at the end of each month or season or when major shifts occur such as relationship changes, change of job, empty nesting.

And once you’ve finished cleansing and clearing your home take a look at your emotional wellbeing and see what needs clearing out there.

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