Tune into your heart, ask for guidance then reach out and choose your Crystal Earth Magic Oracle Message

Crystal Earth Magic Oracle Message


Crystal Earth Magic Oracle Message


Crystal Earth Magic Oracle Message A

Crystal Earth Magic Oracle Message

Lotus Flower – Unfoldment

Your spiritual unfoldment is occurring at all times whether you are aware of it or not. It is inevitable as long as you put yourself into the hands of the Creator, the One who holds the light.

Like the lotus your soul is always reaching for the light to fulfill its destiny but even so there is always periods of darkness or rest. This is part of the natural cycle. It has its own rhythm which is unique to the Being that is you.

You do not need to strive or push for spiritual ambition. It does no good to force growth upon yourself or others either. Allowing is the key.

Allow the place in you, that naturally wants to follow the light do so, while acknowledging that you also face challenges

Your steady faith and love will guide you on your journey!


Crystal Earth Magic Oracle Message B

Crystal Earth Magic Oracle Message

Mountain – Strength

It makes no sense to deny the strength that you have by allowing yourself to be reactive and subjected to external forces beyond what is healthy for you.

Imagine yourself as a mountain of strength, solidly grounded in the earth, your head held high as though touching the sky. Do so without straining as the mountain itself does not strain.

The current situation calls for you to be vigilant but not to the point of fear or paranoia.

The solidness of your resolve will be clearly communicated when you model yourself on the towering immensity of the mountain, impenetrable and inscrutable.

Standing steady like a rock is what is called for at this time!


Crystal Earth Magic Oracle Message C

Crystal Earth Magic Oracle Message

Full Moon – Completion

You can take pleasure in knowing that whatever you have been working towards has reached its culmination. It may have been a quick cycle or it may have been a much longer one.

Let yourself feel the contentment and satisfaction of this accomplishment. It is important to not only enjoy this completion but to also let go and allow yourself to relax after it.

People are much too eager to rush to the next item on their list without giving time and space to appreciating and honouring the natural cycle of release at the point of resolution.

Give yourself that time to relax and rest before tackling Spirits next assignment!


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