Stop Overthinking It – Ask Your Chakras

Are you stuck in your head overthinking every little thing that just leads you to doubting yourself even more? Instead just ask your chakras!

When you look at challenges or goals through the lens of the chakra system you get clear on the foundations, the creation and the follow through actions.

Just Ask Your Chakras

Get this if a project is not coming together how you want then evaluating the root chakra in relation to the project may reveal some organisational or safety risk you hadn’t considered.

Or you feel out of sorts around your job or workplace then you can use the 7 themes of the chakra system to evaluate your internal response to the situation.

You can even use these 7 themes to help set up your commitments for the week or month in a way that takes care of your own needs first.

Use the chakra themes to guide you through your worries. Use these in meditation, as journal prompts or even a card reading. And if you want my help clearing away stress then you can read about my Dimensional Method  or Book a ReSet anytime!

I’ve made this guide as a infographic available for immediate download so that you can keep it accessible on your phone. There will also be a pdf version.

silhouette showing the 7 main chakras on pink background with the words stop overthinking everything tap into your chakras