4 Steps to Get a Consistent Chakra Routine for a Better Mindset

When it comes to creating a consistent chakra routine to calm your mind and reconnect to yourself getting started can be confusing …

Firstly why would you want a chakra routine?

The chakra system revolves around 7 main areas of life. Each of these areas can be described in terms of balances and imbalances of emotions, thoughts, beliefs.

This makes it a powerful system to use when wanting to rediscover your true nature, heal any emotional distress, transform negative beliefs and shift unsatisfying life patterns.

By having a simple regular chakra routine, you give yourself a structure in which to do this. But choosing what methods to use regularly can be confusing.

4 Steps to Getting Consistent with a Chakra Routine for a better mindset!

I remember when I first started with a 7 week chakra meditation class. The first part of the night was learning the basics for that weeks chakra. The simple stuff we now see everywhere online. What colour and body region its connected with and the symptoms of whether its in balance or not.

When it came to meditation time I would lay on the floor with a pillow under my head and listen as we were led through the meditation with colours and places. I would soon fall asleep waking when it was finished. I thought I was doing it wrong, not listening well or something.

It wasn’t until many years later that I connected the dots and was able to put together my own simple chakra routine.


So in this blog post, I’m going to share four individual steps for creating your own chakra routine that feels consistent for you.

Our goal here is to set you up with a habit that calms your mind so you can reconnect with yourself ….

I recommend having four individual ways of using chakras in your routine. You won’t use all of them together everyday but you will have different ways of balancing yourself.

1: writing prompts to dump your worries

2: affirmations to promote change

3: everyday activities

4: meditation exercises to activate change


So let’s delve into each of those more fully!

Step 1: Writing prompts to dump your worries

Chakra writing prompts are questions that reflect the life themes of this chakra. The solar plexus is about our personal identity and beliefs about our worth.

So a writing prompt for this chakra could be “Does my sense of confidence come from external sources or from within?” Or “Do I believe I can achieve my goals and dreams”.

These questions prompt you to reflect on any negative beliefs you have about yourself, any themes of self doubt or lack of ability, and help you decide what changes you might make.

You don’t need to keep a journal for this, just loose paper is fine so you can burn after writing.


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Step 2: Affirmations to promote change

Affirmations improve your mindset and motivate you to achieve your goals while promoting positive self-talk as you navigate life’s challenges. You could choose any positive affirmation but when you make it a chakra affirmation you make it very specific.

A sacral chakra affirmation might be “I feel joyful, creative and inspired” or “I attract people who treat me with respect”. A throat chakra affirmation could be “My creativity is welcomed and appreciated” or “I am heard and understood clearly”.

Chakra affirmations can also be used for mindset discovery. When you say one of the affirmations out loud assess how you feel about them. Are you being heard and understood by the people around you? Do you feel comfortable sharing your opinions or do people talk over you as though you don’t exist? Do you feel aligned with the affirmation?

These are all insights into your interactions at work, with colleagues and friends.


Hint: My guide 7 Chakra Steps to a Better Mindset, sign up below, includes affirmations for each chakra as well as everyday activities to get your energy moving.


Step 3: Everyday activities

When it comes to using your chakra routine as a guiding force in your life there are many everyday activities that naturally move information through your chakra system.

If you already have a good balance between work and home, mind and body then you are likely already doing things naturally that balance chakra energy.

Starting with a few tweaks to your everyday activities will quickly get you into a more positive state.

These could be the way you use colour, food and scent in your home. Ways to spruce up your home or office, specific sport, breathing exercises, specific organisation or maintenance around your home.

Some base chakra activities would be to get your bills and paperwork sorted and up to date, get moving physically in the garden or walking, enjoying time with family.


4 steps to getting a consistent chakra routine

Step 4: Meditation exercises to activate change

There are so many different methods of meditation its not possible to count them all. Firstly the things you do NOT need to do to meditate.

You don’t need to turn yourself into a pretzel, nor do you need to hold your fingers in particular ways.

You don’t need to chant and you don’t need to do it for hours to get into particular mind states. These are all traits of particular styles of meditation, think gurus or monks, with specific meanings and symbols. None of which you need to do.

Sitting in a straight backed chair, your feet on the floor, your hands resting easily on your legs or folded is fine. Start by zoning in on different parts of your body, ensuring they feel relaxed or loose. This helps to bring your focus away from busy mind things.

I like to have an aim for meditation. It could be filling myself in turn with the colours of each of the 7 main chakras. It could be reflecting on a specific affirmation I’ve chosen for the day, it could be going to a special place to meet with a guide and ask a question or it could be asking for inspiration for a tasty meal.

I find if I have a specific aim then that is the topic my mind wanders to.

And I often meditate to go to sleep by focusing on filling up each area of my body with energy. I start with my feet, bringing energy up from the earth, letting it swirl around until it is ready to move up to the knees and just repeat up the body. I rarely get further than my waist area before I’ve drifted off.


So, there you have it! … Four individual steps for your consistent chakra routine. To get started choose an affirmation for the day, say it, think on it, write about it or meditate on it. You’ll find some more ideas in my guide below.


If you’re ready to combine chakra steps with a mindset practice that focuses on you – with ease, every day – I have something to help you start


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